Clara Saberton
Biographical information
Full Name Clara Saberton
Occupation Secretary (Wayne Enterprises)
Base of Operations Wayne Tower, Gotham City
Physical description
Hair Red
Game Information

Clara Saberton was the secretary for the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox.

During Scarecrow's terror attack on Gotham City on Halloween night, she remained behind in Gotham City, although she was justifiably frightened at what was happening. During these events, she ended up surprised that Bruce Wayne was still in the city, as she had believed him to have evacuated, before asking what they should do as it sounds terrible out in the streets, before Wayne stated for her to not worry as this visit will be over soon. However, unknown to her, "Wayne" was actually Thomas Elliot, aka, Hush, posing as Bruce Wayne. When she heard a commotion in the office shortly after Lucius Fox entered, Clara peeked in to investigate, only to be driven away by a gunshot by Hush. Shortly afterward, Batman entered, with Clara, while cowering in a corner, begging Batman to do something due to Bruce Wayne, whom she believed had gone crazy, taking Lucius Fox hostage and believes he's planning to kill Lucius.

After Hush is defeated, she is gone from the reception area outside, implying that Clara fled the vicinity out of fear of what had occurred.

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