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Cobra tanks are the strongest variety of tanks encountered in Batman: Arkham Knight save for the individual tanks used by the Arkham Knight and Deathstroke. Cobra tanks possess weaponry which is capable of destroying the Batmobile with a few well placed shots.

Cobra tanks were first introduced when Batman was tasked to bring Poison Ivy to the Botanical Gardens. When Batman was leaving the GCPD Lockup, the shutter door refused to open. Aaron Cash's response was that there is a 'mother of a tank driving on round there'.

Unlike the straightforward combat system used with other tanks, Cobra tank battles seem to be using a predator combat system for the Batmobile. The only way to defeat the tanks is by aiming at the rear exhaust port.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

When Batman was tasked to bring Poison Ivy to the Botanical Gardens, the shutter gates didn't seem to want to open. Confused, Batman asked Cash about what was going on. His answer being that there was a new but dangerous tank prowling the streets of Bleake Island. Batman left the safety of his car in order to investigate the threat. After scanning the rear and both sides, it was revealed that the new enemy drone could be destroyed by shooting the rear exhaust port which lead to the tank's power core. The Militia tank operator was astonished when Batman managed to take out the lonesome tank. The Arkham Knight replied that he cannot expect one simple Cobra tank to take him down.

On his way to the Botanical Gardens, Batman encounters three Cobra tanks on Miagani Island. He once again defeats all three and proceeds to drop Ivy off at her destination.

Another encounter is made when Batman needed to destroy the missile platform overlooking Founders' Island. Five Cobra tanks were mobilized to deal with the Batmobile which was being remotely controlled. After taking them all out, he went ahead to destroy the missile platform.

Poison Ivy made the mistake of destroying three Rattler tanks passing by the Botanical Gardens, thus giving away her location to the Arkham Knight and his Militia. After defeating the small squadron of tanks, five Cobra tanks were mobilized in order to take her out. After the encounter, Batman went to go bring Poison Ivy to safety. However, the Cloudburst activated.

In an effort to save Gotham, Batman had to take down the Arkham Knight's Cloudburst tank, which was defended by six tanks. After taking them all down, Batman took out the Cloudburst.

After meeting all the requirements in order to face Deathstroke, Batman faced off against him on Miagani Island. Deathstroke was driving in a tank similar to the Cloudburst tank guarded by five cobra tanks. It is the last encounter made with Cobra tanks.


  • Cobra tanks are vulnerable to level 2 secondary weapons, such as the drone hack, missiles and the EMP.
    • The CPU virus is the most effective as it can take out more tanks including the hacked tank and they can be taken out faster. It also gives you energy points for another drone hack for every destroyed tank.
      • It is also worth noting that at two energy bars, it takes about 10 seconds for the tank to be hacked.
  • They are also vulnerable to disruptor ammo. However, an upgrade is needed for this.
    • It is recommended to have four disruptor charges instead of three.
  • Simon Stagg mentions anything not fitted with nimbus cells cannot operate in the Fear Toxin cloud deployed by the Cloudburst, further suggesting the fact that they are equipped with said cells.
  • Unlike the other tanks, the Cobra tank is slimmer compared to the other tanks. The main cannon is also located on the right side of the tank instead of being at the center and the vulcan gun is further away.
    • The Twin Rattler is the second tank to have the main cannon on the side of the turret.