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"Penguin's using Military Grade Communication Disruptors."

Communication Disruptors are devices used by Penguin to stop Batman from entering the Museum.

In-game description.

Communication disruptor.

"A jamming device that blocks all radio wave communication by flooding the airwaves with noise."

Technical aspects.

These are large stationary communication disruptors and they have three terminals in a triangle formation such that all are required to be destroyed to deactivate them. They also have a rotating satellite dish in the center that ceases movement once the three terminals are destroyed.

The devices appear to come in pieces requiring assembly in the field. Typical layout appears to include three terminals, the stands for each, base for the satellite and the satellite dish itself.

Incident Reports

Arkham City Incident

Penguin used Communication Disruptors to stop Batman from using The Cryptographic Sequencer to enter The Museum.


  • It is currently unknown how Penguin got his hands on Military Grade Disruptors, however as heard in Penguin and Hugo Strange were heard discussing about giving Penguin firearms in a Interview Tape and in it Penguin says he only takes the best out of the best meaning Hugo could have been the one who gave him them.
  • Only three such configurations appear within Batman: Arkham City.
  • If these are active all radio channels except for puffin zero (Penguin's radio channel) are jammed including those of TYGER.