Crime Fighter Challenge Map Pack 6, also known as the Community Challenge Pack is a DLC Challenge Pack in Batman: Arkham Knight. It includes six challenge maps from Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, and a special endless Predator Mode challenge. The challenges received a "next-gen overhaul", with improved graphics and other small changes.

Challenge Maps



Release Date

  • PC: January 19th, 2016
  • PS4/XBO: January 26th, 2016


  • The Curtain Falls – Flawless FreeFlow in every round of the Monarch Theatre as Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.
  • Requiem for a Killer – Defeat an old adversary in the Iceberg Lounge AR Challenge, playing as Batman.
  • The Chill in the Air – Complete the Crime Alley AR Challenge unharmed as Batman, Robin and Nightwing.
  • What the Butler Saw – Complete the Wayne Manor AR Challenge as Batman without using any gadgets or taking any damage.
  • Secrets of the Batcave – Complete the Batcave AR Challenge unharmed as Batman and Nightwing, using only Beat Downs.
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night – Complete the Silent Knight AR Challenge unharmed as Batman and Robin, using only Knockout Smashes.
  • Eternal – Complete the Endless Knight AR Challenge, taking out 50 Enemies as Batman.


While the maps are similar to the previous versions, there are small changes here and there.

  • Enemy loadouts in Predator Mode are changed, as some of the enemy types were replaced by other ones in Knight, although their movement patterns seem to be mostly the same. Their medal challenges were also changed.
  • The ropes on Wayne Manor's ceiling are replaced by wooden bars. Two vantage points were removed because of this.
  • Everyone can use the hidden doors in Wayne Manor, not just the Bat-family.
  • Batman can use the piano in Wayne Manor to open a nearby wall, behind which is an another wall full of notes. This was eventually revealed to be a teaser for Arkham VR.
  • Killer Croc and Penguin use their Knight character models in the Iceberg Lounge.
  • Reaching 20 rival points/1 000 000 points in Iceberg Lounge triggers a boss fight against Killer Croc, and Nightwing jumps in, turning the challenge into a dual-play one.
  • The Crime Alley challenge map uses Knight's version of the alley.
  • The Batcave dinosaur can be activated with the Remote Hacking Device.
  • A destroyable wall was removed from the Batcave.
  • Vents used to travel in and out from the sanitarium in Silent Knight were replaced by fans to prevent the player from leaving.


  • The maps were chosen by the community on WB:s Arkham Knight forum. The descriptions of each challenge map is a post from a person who suggested said challenge map.
    • The Trophies/Achievements were also created/influenced by fans.
  • PC users gained access to the DLC pack one week before PS4 and Xbox One users, as an apology for the broken launch and delayed re-release.
  • The pack did not have any maps from Batman: Arkham Origins, presumably either due to Rocksteady not owning the rights to Origins or they simply didn't have access to the files.
  • The Monarch Theatre is the only returning area which hasn't been a challenge map in any of the previous games.



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