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Although the Arkhamverse is generally quite coherent and solid with its canon, there can be found some continuity errors throughout the different content. In this page there are only counted continuity mistakes from Arkham Origins, Arkham Origins - Blackgate, Assault on Arkham, Arkham Asylum - The Road to Arkham, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, including all DLC's and expansions (the Arkham City comics, the Arkham Origins comics, the Arkham Knight comics, the novel: The Riddler's Gambit, the game: Arkham City - Lockdown, and the Arkham Unhinged comics are not included, as their degree of canonicity remains under debate)

In General[]

  • The Gotham landscape outside the playable areas changes between each game. This happens because the developers originally didn't create them with playability in mind, and redesigned the area to fit the stories/gameplay. Furthermore there are geographical errors between games. For instance: the Gotham Casino in Arkham City has a road between it and the GCPD. However in Origins it is right beside it and the GCPD is a train station.

Arkham Origins[]

  • Batman already has several gadgets and upgrades to its equipment that were not present during games occurring later in the timeline, these include:
    • A detective vision much more advanced than the one used in Asylum and City, able to reconstruct crime scenes and with it some form of holograms. Also, it already differenteated armed enemies in orange, instead of the red used in Asylum.
    • A Grapple gun able to boost himself through the air, which could not do in Asylum and only in City after unlocking a prototype.
    • Smoke Pellets, despite in Asylum not yet using them.
    • Advanced remotely controlled batarangs, able to change speeds and to turn its tragectory 180º, much more complex than the ones he used later on.
    • A functioning firearm disruptor, albeit an arguably worse one than the one used in Arkham City.
  • Black Mask's hair is black during this game. However, in Arkham City, you can see that he has brown hair. This should be impossible as his mask was physically fused to his skull by the events of Arkham City.
  • It is shown in this game that the Joker first met Harleen Quinzel in Blackgate while audio tapes in Arkham Asylum state that they first met at Arkham. Despite being canonical to the series, the fact that Arkham Origins alters the first meeting of Harley and Joker is not apparent in later games. With Arkham Knight being released 2 years later by Rocksteady, the character bio of Harley in Arkham Knight once again states that she became fixated on the Joker at Arkham, not Blackgate.
  • Deathstroke is shown being lead back to the cells at Blackgate amongst other prisoners in the ending scenes of Arkham Origins. He did not get out of his cell because we see him performing push ups earlier on. However it is possible that he was simply being moved to another, less damaged, wing of Blackgate.

Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart DLC[]

  • Nora Fries appears to be in a different position, and wearing a different outfit from the one seen in Arkham City.
  • A news report heard from the Cryptographic Sequencer refers to Howard Branden as 'Scott Branden' (possibly indicating that Scott was his beta name).

Arkham Origins Blackgate[]

  • Warden Joseph blames Black Mask for the loss of his eye during the Christmas Eve Incident, when it was actually the Joker disguised as Black Mask who did the deed. Although unlikely, it is possible that he never learned that Joker was disguised as Black Mask during Christmas Eve.

Arkham Knight: A Matter of Family DLC[]

  • Robin is shown wearing his Arkham Knight outfit. Based on the timeline, he should be wearing his Arkham City costume or an even earlier design.

Assault on Arkham[]

  • In the movie, Bane is seen escaping Arkham Asylum. However, in Arkham Asylum, Gordon states that he "thought he broke out of Blackgate". However it's possible that at some point between Assault and Asylum he was recaptured and given to Dr. Young for her Titan experiments, with Gordon being told he was in Blackgate.
  • Many of the escaped rogues wore their Arkham Asylum outfits when they should've been wearing their inmate clothes.
  • Scarface has a Glasgow smile carved on his face, despite this taking place before the Joker's takeover in Arkham Asylum.
  • The Penguin has the bandage around his hand when he is in the Iceberg Lounge, although Bruce Wayne had not broken his hand yet.

Arkham City[]

  • Hush makes his first appearance here, however his bio in Arkham Asylum claims that he was defeated by Batman before the events of that game.
  • Several inmates discuss about Bruce Wayne's (actually Hush) actions during the game, but unless he re-wrapped his bandages only to surprise Batman, his face should be incomplete or still bandaged, which obviously would make mistaking the two harder.

Arkham Knight: Harley Quinn DLC[]


Arkham Knight[]

  • Arkham City Island/North Gotham has been turned around 90 degrees, causing several errors and locations are not where they are supposed to be. For example, The Steel Mill is now on the opposite side of the island from the Pioneers Bridge (from Arkham Origins), while the Bridge used to be right next to it. In addition, one of the prison walls is now located between the Courthouse and the Museum.
  • In Arkham City Robin clearly states that there are thirty confirmed cases in Gotham general Hospital and fifty at Mercy Hospital for the Titan disease. However in Arkham Knight there are only four people who actually got infected with the Joker's blood.
  • The differences between the Joker Infection and the Titan disease are never made completely clear. The four people who got tranfused with Joker's blood only show signs of the Joker infection, when they should be carrying the Titan disease as well. After both antidotes were destroyed, the Titan disease could only be cured with another sample of Ra's al Ghul's blood, who disappeared in between City and Knight, so it's unlikely they could have been cured from it.
  • After defeating the Arkham Knight on his headquarters, his helmet will duplicate. It will stay in the same place Batman fights him, while also appearing in the evidence locker room of the GCPD, both having the same crack where Batman hit Jason.

Arkham Knight: Red Hood DLC[]

  • Black Mask is shown to be wearing his Arkham Origins suit (which obviously includes a different mask), which makes no sense because in Arkham City, his mask is grafted onto his face. On an unrelated note, Black Mask as seen in Knight is a bit out of character, such as begging for his life at the end of the DLC when he showed not fear but rather anger when held hostage by the Joker at the bank in Arkham Origins, leading to a fan theory that Black Mask in this DLC is in fact a body double.
    • In the main game, Aaron Cash's audio log for Black Mask's equipment in the evidence locker room states that Black Mask hadn't been the same since the Blackgate Riots in Arkham Origins which saw his kidnapping and impersonation by the Joker, giving a possible explanation for Black Mask's out of character begging in the Red Hood DLC.