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Contracts are side objectives available in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. They can be accessed from the main menu.


Hack started a secret server to give the Suicide Squad some freedom by taking on mercenary work for their fellow Support Squad. Hack makes the excuse of testing their abilities and armaments to hack into more and more of Brainiac's Wi-Fi to get more computing power; to keep Amanda Waller in the dark about the jobs.



  • Toyman is the only non-criminal to place Contracts.
  • Rick Flag sets up the similar Raising Hell.
  • The Squad do get paid in-universe, though the rewards vary.
    • Hack never states where her payments come from, but she is a hacker; so its likely Cyber theft.
    • Lex pays with his counterparts fortune and gift cards.
    • Ivy has Hack pay sometimes or is implied to give the Squad fresh produce.
    • Penguin has his own fortune, which he has Hack pay out; he's not good with technology.
    • Toyman pays with upgrades.