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"What did you do to me?
I killed you. And in a few more minutes, your body will realize it."
Copperhead's Neurotoxin

Copperhead's poison making Batman see double.

Copperhead's Poison was a powerful neurotoxin that the assassin Copperhead used on her targets. It could be extracted from her claws and fangs.

Victims would suffer from nightmarish hallucinations both visual and auditory before dying a slow and painful death.


Arkham Origins[]

Copperhead would use her neurotoxin against Batman one Christmas Eve night after she was hired by Black Mask (secretly the Joker in disguise) to kill the masked vigilante. Tracking him to the Steel Mill where he was interrogating the crime lord, Copperhead interrupted the interrogation ambushing him and successfully poisoned him declaring that she had already killed him, and it would only be a matter of time before his body would realize it.

She then watched on cackling sadistically as Batman went through a series of horrific hallucinations involving some of the people he had failed to save that night as well as a hallucination of Alfred expressing disappointment in him. After making it up to the roof, Batman was then confronted by Copperhead who had now seemingly multiplied into countless copies due to the effects of the poison.

Batman then fought his way through the imaginary enemies while the real Copperhead watched on from above just waiting for him to tire himself out so that she could make a killing shot. Unfortunately for Copperhead, Batman had previously contacted Alfred Pennyworth with a sample of her poison so that the butler could synthesize a cure which was delivered just in the nick of time.

Furious that her attempt had failed, the real Copperhead revealed herself asserting that her poison was still inside Batman's body and that it would remain there for the rest of his life before attempting to attack him with Batman was able to easily counter and defeat the assassin.

Arkham Knight[]

Years later, during the night of the Scarecrow's attack on Gotham City, Batman can find a vial of Copperhead's poison in one of the Scarecrow's hideouts implying that her poison was one of the ingredients used to create the superior version of his trademark Fear Toxin.


  • It's possible that Copperhead's poison was the reason why Batman's condition worsened so rapidly after he was poisoned with the Titan Disease by the Joker, as it took the Clown Prince of Crime several months for his condition to worsen to the point of death while Batman's seemingly sped up overnight.
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