The Coventry Tower Deathtrap was an event that occurred during the Christmas Eve incident, which led to the murder of David Shannon.


Arkham Origins Incident

Around Christmas Eve, Coventry's network tower was sabotaged by Edward Nashton, the head of GCPD's Cyber Crime's Division, at the request of Black Mask, (or rather, someone posing as him), and presumably other network towers throughout Gotham City in order to prevent Batman from using his Batwing at various points of the city. After doing so, knowing that Gotham Optics will most likely send a repair man to repair the sabotage work on the tower, Nashton, going by the name "Enigma", hired a low-level criminal named John F. Baker to do sabotage work on the security panel leading to the tower to detonate if someone from Gotham Optics were to swipe a key card. He proceeded to do so, although he left behind fingerprints on the panel. As Nashton predicted, Gotham Optics did indeed send someone, David Shannon, to fix the network tower. Shannon, not realizing the danger, proceeded to swipe his Gotham Optics key card on the booby-trapped panel, only for it to detonate and bodily hurl him across the room, killing him in the next room after being smashed through a wall. After this, Nashton only had to clean up loose ends: Luring Baker to the Diamond District, Nashton then proceeded to murder him, with his body eventually being discovered.

Under an hour later, Batman, trying to access the tower, discovered the damage from Nashton's earlier work including David Shannon's corpse and, deducing that the damage wasn't caused by the severe blizzard outside, set up a crime scene. Upon discovering the fingerprints on the panel and deducing it was booby-trapped, Batman sent the DNA evidence to his manservant, Alfred Pennyworth, and learned that not only did the prints belong to John F. Baker, but also the fact that he had died at least an hour prior, causing the vigilante to deduce that someone, most likely the person responsible for having Baker sabotage the device, decided to tie up loose ends. Batman eventually found the card key and scanned the codes for his Cryptographic Sequencer to bypass the boobytrap. After getting into the tower, he then met the man responsible for the sabotage, Enigma, and proceeded to fix the device.

Casefile details

Batman: I don't think this tower malfunction is from storm damage. I need to set up a crime scene and find out what happened. I should start by identifying the victim.

Body scan of the victim

Victim ID
Fingerprint analysis
Name: David Shannon
Occupation: Technician
Employer: Gotham Optics
Priors: None
— Head scan results of victim

Batman: Victim's name is David Shannon, a Gotham Optics employee sent here to repair a faulty network tower. But what killed him? Scanning the DNA Impact on the wall should provide an answer.

Scan of DNA impact on the wall

DNA Analysis
Impact pattern
Analysis: Killed by impact
Cause of death: Head trauma
Impact energy: 1114 Joules
Cause of impact: Thrown by explosion
Note: Explosion caused by access panel
— DNA analysis results of spot on wall

Batman: Impact analysis indicates the victim was killed by some kind of explosion, originating at that access panel. I should scan it for additional clues.

Scan of panel

Suspect ID
Fingerprint analysis
Name: Unknown
Status: Unknown
— Handprint analysis on panel (first scan)
Suspect ID
Fingerprint analysis
Name: John F. Baker
Status: Deceased
Priors: Robbery, Breaking and Entering
— Handprint analysis on panel (after calling Alfred)

Batman: It looks like the panel was rigged to detonate when swiped with a keycard. Someone really didn't want this tower repaired. And it looks like that same someone left a set of fingerprints behind. Alfred. I'm uploading some prints for anaylsis. Let me know what comes back.

Alfred: Certainly, sir. Searching now... And here we are: They belong to one John F. Baker. He's a rather unremarkable criminal. Small jobs, mostly. Only... That's curious.

Batman: What's curious?

Alfred: Mister Baker's dead, sir. His body was recovered from the Diamond District just under an hour ago.

Batman: Looks like someone's tying up loose ends. I can bypass the booby-trapped access panel with my Cryptographic Sequencer. But I'll need the encryption codes from the Victim's access card. Reviewing the crime scene should show me where it is.

Scan of discarded access card

Digital Data Analysis
Type: Municipal Security Codes
Note: Allows decryption of security consoles
— Digital data results from dropped cell phone

Batman: This card has the codes I need to hack any of the network tower's access panels.


  • The Coventry Tower deathtrap is one of only two casefile events that are mandatory to complete the game, the only other being the Lacey Towers Murder.
    • It is also the only casefile event in the game where the perpetrator is not brought to justice, as John F. Baker was murdered an hour after Batman arrived at the scene of the crime, and Enigma had managed to flee the scene after Batman foiled most of his plans.
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