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Creature of the Night is a Gotham's Most Wanted mission in Batman: Arkham Knight starring Man-Bat. The mission is started after a jump scare when grappling to a random rooftop in Miagani Island.


After "meeting" Man-Bat the first time, Batman glides on to the creature's back to restrain it. He brings the monster down to the ground and successfully collects a blood sample. After sending the sample to Alfred, the blood is revealed to be similar to Dr. Kirk Langstrom's. After performing a search for properties, Alfred advises Batman to go to Bleake Island, where Kirk and his wife Francine had an underground laboratory. Batman enters the laboratory, and finds Francine dead.

After some investigating, he finds a computer and a recording that reveals what caused Kirks horrific mutation. He was going deaf, and decided to try to heal all deafness from the world by combining human DNA to that of a vampire bat. He accidentally used too much and ended up turning into a bloodthirsty monster. In a fit of rage, he attacked Francine and broke her neck. Batman uses Langstrom's research to produce a clean DNA sample, and leaves the laboratory.

After infiltrating Stagg Airships, he again finds Man-Bat flying around Bleake Island and again disturbs it; this time injecting it with the cure. However, the cure wasn't enough, and a second dosage is needed.

After stopping Harley Quinn at Panessa Studios, Batman finds the creature flying above Founders' Island, and reinjects the other half of the cure, this time managing to render Man-Bat unconscious. Using this as his advantage, Batman moves Langstrom to the back of the Batmobile, where he slowly morphs back into a human.

He is placed into the same chamber where Poison Ivy was held, as he is extremely dangerous.

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  • If you have problems locating Man-bat, try searching from an island where he hasn't been yet. He only appears once on each island.
  • If you get a Voice notification, but no thugs are speaking, Man-bat is close.
  • Man-Bat can be seen through detective mode, but is colored orange, the same color as the numerous airborne drones patrolling the skies. Clearing the skies first can help finding him/it.


  • If the date of the console is set to Halloween, Kirk escapes his cell in the GCPD, and the Jumpscare can play again on Miagani island.
  • After the first jumpscare, there's a chance it will happen again, with Joker instead of Man-Bat, mocking Batman for being "scared of his own reflection".
  • If Batman returns to the laboratory after defeating Man-bat, he will find that the body of Francine is gone, and the TV that was playing footage of Langstrom's transformation is smashed with the phrase "Forever My Love" written on it, implying that the attack may have also transformed her into She-Bat.