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Crime Alley is a challenge map in Batman: Arkham Asylum. It is located on the Crime alley. The challenge is part of the GOTY edition. While all thugs start unarmed, they can still grab the two pipes off the walls.

The map also appears in Batman: Arkham Knight, as a part of the Community challenge pack. This version is set on the Knight version of the alley. [1]

Medals (Arkham Asylum)[]

  • Bronze - 5000 points
  • Silver - 10000 points
  • Gold - 20000 points

Medals (Arkham Knight)[]

Shared with all characters[]

  • Bronze - 10000 points
  • Silver - 25000 points
  • Gold - 35000 points
  • Rival Points - One for every 10000 points over 35000