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"Two victims. Both shot dead. I know them."

The Crime Alley Shootings was an event that occurred during the Christmas Eve incident, where the socialites Clarissa Rodriguez and Horace Riley were gunned down at Crime Alley in Park Row. This event in particular was very personal to Batman due to both the victims being friends of his true identity, Bruce Wayne, as well as the murders' disturbing similarities to that of his own parents by Joe Chill.


Pre-Arkham Origins Incident[]

During Halloween, Bruce Wayne held a Halloween party at Wayne Manor. However, one of his friends, Clarissa Rodriguez, a socialite and activist, as well as the fiancée to Horace Riley, the heir and CEO to the Riley Mining Company, was being harassed by Ian Chase, a former love interest of Rodriguez and the best friend of Riley. The commotion forced Bruce to throw Ian out of Wayne Manor and the party. This, however, would not be the end of their troubles.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

Two months later, during the events of the Christmas Eve incident, Ian ambushed Clarissa and Horace at Crime Alley, just a few inches from where Bruce's parents, Thomas and Martha, were gunned down by Joe Chill during Bruce's childhood. Ian then shot Horace Riley through the lung, resulting in the latter drowning in his own blood, and then shot Clarissa through her heart, killing her instantly. He then attempted to clean up after himself by removing the casings, although he missed one that fell through the grate of a nearby building. Officer Franklin then called in the GCPD Dispatch telling them the crime scene was secured, and also requested for a second meat wagon since there were two dead bodies instead of one.

Batman, who had been at Park Row taking down Andrew Carter and apprehending him for a murder he had conducted against a man, managed to learn about the shootings from overhearing the transmission between Officer Franklin and the GCPD dispatch. Batman, upon arrival, recognized the victims and proceeded to scan their corpses. He then noted it was odd that Horace Riley's watch and wallet was kept on his person, although after noticing that Clarissa Rodriguez had kept her necklace despite it being worth a fortune, he deduced the killing was not motivated by a robbery gone wrong and that they had been deliberately targeted for death. He then proceeded to scan the impact spatter, and, after a brief hallucination of Thomas and Martha Wayne's corpses nearby, managed to deduce that Horace's death was from being lung-shot, while Clarissa Rodriguez was shot through the heart, and that both were shot by an automatic, with Batman only needing to find the casings to identify the killer. He also realized the killer most likely attempted to clean up after himself, but realized the killer neglected to remove one of the casings from the vent. He then removed the vent and found the casing and scanned it. He then managed to deduce who was responsible for their deaths. He then contacted his manservant, Alfred Pennyworth, requesting for the


The casing falling through the grate.

location of Ian. Alfred then recognized the name as belonging to one of the guests at the Halloween party, and remembered that Batman, as Bruce Wayne, had to throw him out, and asked if he was still trying to harass Clarissa again, before Batman informed him that she alongside Horace had been murdered. Alfred, realizing fully what Batman was trying to say, admits they should have seen it coming with grief. Batman then reminds him that he needs the location, with Alfred saying it's been sent, and that he offers his condolences for the loss of his friends.

He then tracked Ian to just outside the Sionis Steel Mill at the Industrial District, as the latter was discussing the events of the murder. Although his friends tried to tell him to leave town as he'll be the number one suspect in the murder, he was confident that they can't connect him to the murder, and also angrily telling them when they implied that they'll use advanced technology and psychics like in various crime shows that unlike on TV, one does not get to marry the woman they love and live happily ever after, especially when their loves leaves for the best friend (implying his motive for killing them had to do with Clarissa Rodriguez choosing Horace Riley over himself, and Horace Riley was his best friend), with the mobster apologizing for bringing it all back, with Ian saying it's fine and requesting for a minute alone. Batman then beats up all the mobsters, and then personally deals with Ian. Chase demands that Batman let him go and asked if he knew who he was. Batman replied by nearly killing him via suffocation while ranting that Ian's motives weren't out of money, love, or even jealousy, but due to being small, selfish and malicious before Alfred snaps him out of it asking him if he's all right due to erratic vital signs. He then knocks Ian out, although not before the latter demands what's wrong with him. He then tells Alfred to notify the GCPD that Ian Chase has been apprehended, and to forward the evidence. Alfred complies, and then suggests he leave the premises due to what nearly happened.

Casefile details[]

Batman: Two victims, both shot dead. I know them.

Scan of victim 1

"Victim ID
Fingerprint analysis
Name: Horace Riley
Occupation: CEO - Riley Mining
Priors: None
Note: Personal valuables untouched"
—DNA analysis results on the victim

Batman: This is Horace Riley: heir to the Riley mining empire. Odd. He still has his wallet and watch.

Scan of victim 2

"DNA Evidence
Fingerprint analysis
Name: Clarissa Rodriguez
Occupation: Socialite and Activist
Priors: None
Note: Personal valuables untouched"
—DNA analysis results on the victim

Batman: Clarissa Rodriguez: Riley propose to her just weeks ago. Socialite and activist. Even though it's worth a fortune, her necklace wasn't taken. This wasn't a robbery.

Scan of splatter

"DNA Evidence
Impact patterns
Type: Bullet Impacts
Bullet Caliber: 9 mm
Male Victim: Punctured Lung
Female Victim: Pierced Heart
Note: Casings missing"
—Impact patterns results of the victims

Batman: The reconstruction indicates that Horace's lung was punctured. He drowned in his own blood. Clarissa took a single shot to the heart. Death was instantaneous. Both shots were from an automatic. Finding the casings will let me identify the killer.

Reconstruction of the crime scene

Batman: Looks like he tried to clean up after himself. But one of the casings fell through this grate, I can check it for prints.

Scan of single bullet casing in vent

Batman: Those prints... I know who did this. Alfred? I need a location on Ian Chase.

Alfred: Isn't that the fellow from your Halloween party? As I recall, you had to throw him out. Is he troubling Miss Rodriguez again?

Batman: She's dead. Horace too.

Alfred: Oh dear. I supposed we should have seen this coming.

Batman: The location, Alfred?

Alfred: Sent, sir. And my condolences as well.

Finding Ian Chase[]

Mobster: You gotta leave town, man. They gonna know it was you.

Ian Chase: They can know it, but they can't PROVE it. And that's what matters.

Mobster: What makes you so sure?

Ian Chase: I've been planning this for a while. Covered every angle.

Mobster: I don't know... The cops have all kinds of tools. Real sci-fi stuff. Laser beams and powders and sometimes even psychics. Don't you watch TV?

Ian Chase: Life isn't like it is on TV. You don't get to live happily ever after with the woman you love. Instead, she leaves you for your best friend!

Mobster: Sorry man... Didn't mean to bring it all back.

Ian Chase: It's fine, it's fine. Just give me a minute.

Batman arrives at the scene

Mobsters beaten

Batman puts Ian Chase into an interrogation lock

Ian Chase: What do you think you're doing?! Do you know who I am!?

Batman: I know *exactly* who you are. You didn't do it for money, you didn't even do it for love!

Ian Chase: You're... choking... me... I... Can't... breathe....

Batman: Not out of jealousy, not out of anger, you did it because you're a small, selfish, malicious...

Alfred: Sir? Is everything alright? Your vital signs are rather erratic.

Ian Chase: What... the hell's... wrong with you?!

Batman knocks Ian Chase out cold

Batman: Alfred, let the GCPD know that Ian Chase has been apprehended. I'm also sending you the evidence I collected.

Alfred: Certainly, sir. And might I recommend you be on your way? No need to spend any more time here, hmm?

Crime Alley Shooting Casefile Closed