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Batman Arkham City[]

Gotham FM (Chapter 1)[]

Vicki Vale: Good evening, Gotham. This is Vicki Vale. Earlier tonight we brought you dramatic video of Bruce Wayne being arrested and dragged into Arkham City.

So far, the Mayor's office has refused to justify this heavy-handed approach to what was a peaceful protest.

What will happen to Mr. Wayne behind these walls? Known as an international playboy, he will now have to contend with convicted thieves, murderers, and cannibals. Will he have the skills to survive?

This is Vicki Vale, reporting for Gotham Live. More later in the program.

GCPD Dispatch[]

Dispatch: All units. We have confirmation that Bruce Wayne has been arrested by TYGER guards and taken into Arkham City.

James Gordon: This is Gordon. To try and stop this situation turning into a damned legal nightmare, I want all GCPD officers to stop taking prisoners to Arkham City.

Take 'em to the GCPD, take 'em to the zoo for all I care, just don't let that maniac Strange get his hands on them.

Wayne's lawyers are going to have a field day with this and I don't want my budgets being cut to pay for some rich guy's next vacation. Understand?

Gotham FM (Chapter 6)[]

Vicki Vale: That's correct, Don. The inmates are running wild and there are reports that the turf war on the ground has escalated.

As regular viewers will no doubt remember, when I spoke to the mayor earlier tonight, he said that all measures were being taken to restrict the flow of illegal weaponry into Arkham City.

The mayor was very clear in his response. He said that all weapons are illegal within the quarantine zone. He promised every measure possible was being taken to control these anarchic outbursts.

So, Gotham, let me ask you. Does this look like an anarchic outburst? In my opinion, and I stress it is just my opinion, the entire site is in chaos.