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Daphne is a toxic vine that the young Ivy treats as a pet.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

The relationship between Poison Ivy and this semi-sentient seedling is that of a child and their first pet: a kind of potent, pure affection that softens a vicious infant and half-deranges an impassive creature. The result, in this case, is a carnivorous toxic vine operating at the whim of an angry young girl.

It isn’t immediately obvious how Ivy first found this plant, but upon scouring the late Happersen’s diary, I can ascertain that it originated as greenery for his otherwise barren desk. A violation of an office rule that existed for good reason.

What is noticeable, however, in Ivy’s companion crafting are glimmers of a capacity to breath humanity into that which has none. Though they are botanical, I cannot help but wonder: does “Daphne” pass the Turing test?  


  • Its worth noting that despite being given a feminine name, Daphne is referred to as the non-binary "they" by Ivy. This is odd as plants and flowers as are typically given female names as endearment by their owners.
  • Daphne is sentient to a degree, as they are shown conforming Ivy after she gets a nano bomb.
  • Daphne's appearance is similar to the plants Poison Ivy creates to inhale Scarecrow's Fear Toxin in Batman: Arkham Knight.