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The Disruptor is a gadget used by Batman in Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Knight, and by Nightwing and Azrael at different points. It could override different Weapons, depending on its iteration.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

In the GCPD Building, when an officer interrogated Ricky "Loose Lips" Leblanc about a weapon until Batman snuck up and took the officer out. Batman then interrogated Ricky about the location of the "Disruptor" and learned that it could jam firearms and override security jammers. The Dark Knight then headed to the Evidence Locker to retrieve the Disruptor in order to gain access to the GCPD Server Room. After Batman left the GCPD, Barbara contacted him and asked him to use the Disruptor on Penguin's arms crates in Gotham City.

Arkham City Incident[]


Batman, using the Disruptor on Penguin in Arkham City.

After Batman rescued Mr. Freeze, who was kidnapped by Penguin and then locked in a special "cell" in the War Room at the Museum, he asked Freeze on how to get the Freeze Gun away from Penguin as the latter was using the gun to defend himself. Freeze initially refused to disclose this information, but when Batman threatened to remove the cryochemical that was keeping Freeze's core temperature from overheating, Freeze told him to go get the security override chip from his suit as he made it to prevent anyone from using his weapons against him. After he arrived in the Armory, Batman took the override chip from Freeze's suit and went to the Iceberg Lounge to confront Penguin. Batman then approached Penguin and used the Disruptor to override his weapon, which allowed Batman to take him out.

Batman later went back to the Iceberg Lounge again to receive an upgrade for the Disruptor that was used to detonate mines from undercover GCPD Officer, Elvis Jones.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Batman received a new Disruptor from Nightwing, this time in the style of a rifle with a collapsible stock that was designed by Lucius Fox during the invasion of Scarecrow's Army. Similarly to the one in Origins, this one fired shots of electrical pulses that had a variety of effects. The Disruptor caused weapon crates to let out incapacitating shocks when they attempted to open, caused guns to be disabled or shock the user on firing, knocked out Medics in an attempt to resuscitate someone else, knocked out the user of a Detective Mode scanner on attempting to use it, sabotaged a "Boa" drone to attack its handler and then explode, sabotaged Stun Batons to knock out their user when an attempt was made to attack, rendered a Detective Mode Jammer useless, detonated a drone, prematurely detonated placed mines, detonated a Sentry Gun dispenser when it was attempted to be used, or disabled Optic Deflection Armor to make the users visible to Detective Mode.

While the item normally had three shots that needed to recharge, an upgrade could be made to allow for up to four shots.

Unlike prior models, this one required the device to be aimed directly at the targeted item, rather than at a random place on the person's body.


The player had a limited amount of times that they could activate the Disruptor (up to two times, three with an upgrade in Arkham Origins), which could be equipped by holding L1/LT/RMB (PS3/XBOX360/PC) and activated by pressing R1/RT/LMB (PS3/XBOX360/PC). Unlike other gadgets, the Disruptor was one of the few who couldn't activate a "Quick" mode.

When using the Disruptor to disable Freeze's Freeze Gun, the player must do so at close range.



  • Batman likely gave the Disruptor he "confiscated" to Lucius Fox; the device could be upgraded to allow it a more versatile range of abilities. It seems Batman was using a prototype in City, as it was simply a remote that could only disable guns (and the Freeze gun once). Elvis Jones later gave Batman a chip to upgrade it to detonate mines Riddler used to guard his tests.
  • If you let henchmen try to shoot you while their weapons were jammed, they wondered why their weapons weren't working and discarded them. Afterwards, they would either try to get a new weapon from the ground or a weapons box, or simply try to punch Batman. However when waiting long enough thugs would manage to regain control of the weapon.
  • The Disruptor could also detonate mines with a certain upgrade that was acquired at the Iceberg Lounge later in Arkham City. This upgrade was not installed by default on the upgraded model, and required a WayneTech Upgrade.
  • The Disruptor could be used in the Mr. Freeze boss battle, but you could only use it once as he would upgrade his gun to make it immune to its effects.
  • The Disruptor also appeared in Batman: Arkham Origins and was much larger and could be upgraded to have an extra ammo slot. Batman later modified the weapon in a more practical and portable size. The main difference between the Origins and City versions was the fact that in Origins, a direct line of sight was required, as the disruptive signal was a tiny ball of energy that needed to actually hit the target in order to work.
  • The Disruptor in Arkham Origins could not be used to jam Mr Freeze's gun in the Cold cold Heart DLC, possibly a nod to the fact that Freeze had not yet given Batman his gun's chip yet.
  • Interestingly, the new Disruptor in Batman: Arkham Knight had a gun-like design just like the Disruptor in Arkham Origins, albeit less-bulkier and more portable than the original. The Arkham Knight Disruptor was designed by Lucius Fox. It is unknown why Lucius altered it back to a gun-like design instead of the portable one from Arkham City, given its greater versatility, although it is likely that Fox returned it back to a larger (yet collapsible and less-bulkier than the original) Disruptor to enhance its capabilities as well as increase the number of uses back to three (same as the original Disruptor after it was upgraded), which could be increased to a maximum of four following an upgrade. Basically, the Disruptor in Knight has the original's gun-like design and function, while maintaining the portability of the one from City, thanks to its collapsible design.
    • The larger size could also be caused by the fact that it now also stored physical tracking ammunition.
    • Despite both the original and latest disruptor firing projectiles that disarmed weapons, the one in Knight would only count the shot when it landed, while in Origins an ammo slot would be lost even if it missed its target.
  • As the extent of canonicity the combat and predator challenges have in the Arkham games is debatable, it is not known how many characters actually used the disruptor as part of their equipment in the story.
    • Nightwing used it in Riddler's Revenge in Arkham City as well as in his Arkham episode: GCPD lockdown, however lacked it for some reason when playing as him in Knight's AR challenges.
    • Azrael actually used it when playable in Ar Challenges in Arkham Knight, which seems contradictory canon wise. With the disruptor being a new gadget Batman acquired during the night, and one of Heir to the Cowl's endings having Azrael locked up in the GCPD, it seems unlikely he had enough time to make a copy or a close enough relationship with the Batfamily to be given one.
  • The Disruptor in Batman: Arkham Origins resembled the EMP Rifle used in the movie The Dark Knight Rises.