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Batman arriving on the scene.

The Dixon Docks Shooting was an event that occurred during the Christmas Eve incident, where the journalist Owen Grant was shot and murdered at the Dixon Docks near Amusement Mile.


Arkham Origins Incident[]

At some point during the events of the Christmas Eve incident, an investigative journalist by the name of Owen Grant went over to the Dixon Docks at Amusement Mile despite the city being under lockdown due to the inclement weather conditions, since he was pursuing a story about a counterfeiting attempt. He managed to get thirteen photographs of the event in question from near a ledge before one of the counterfeiters, Chucky Berks, discovered him and proceeded to shoot him in the chest. However, Berks could not find the incriminating camera before he was forced to flee due to the cops arriving at the scene.

Batman managed to learn about the shooting from overhearing a conversation between some cops and a GCPD dispatcher about setting up the crime scene and needing a detective to investigate shortly after he had solved a case file relating to a fall at Jezebel Plaza and apprehended the man responsible. Batman, upon arrival, wondered who killed the man, and proceeded to investigate his body to find a lead. He then


Batman scanning Owen Grant.

ID'ed the victim as Owen Grant, recognizing him from his having done an interview with him the past year, and also noticed that he had a broken camera strap on the neck. He then deduced from the drag marks that he did not expire immediately, but rather had been shot near the ledge and tried to get to safety before succumbing to his gunshot wound. He then deduced from the blood spatter that the shots came from below, and it resulted in Grant dropping his camera. Batman managed to find the camera hidden away near a ramp and scanned the images from it. He then sent the images to his manservant, Alfred Pennyworth, requesting that he identify the subject in the photos. Alfred then did so, and then recognized the man in the photos as Chucky Berks and proceeded to forward him his last known location: the Diamond District.

He then tracked Chucky Berks down to the Diamond District just as the latter was begging several other criminals that were presumably involved in the counterfeiting scheme to help him find the camera before the cops show up, also strongly insinuating that they'll go down with him if the cops find it. Batman then interrupted the meeting and subdued all the criminals, saving Chucky Berks for last. He then interrogated Chucky Berks about his role in Owen Grant's murder, with Chucky Berks admitting he didn't have a choice but to do so, with Batman reminding him that he always has a choice before knocking him out cold. He then contacted Alfred telling him to inform the GCPD of having apprehended Chucky Berks for his role in the murder of Owen Grant, and to transmit both Batman's current location as well as the casefile details.

Casefile details[]

Batman: According to the police report, the victim died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. But who killed him? Examining the body should provide a lead.

Scan of victim

"Victim ID
Fingerprint analysis
Name: Owen Grant
Occupation: Investigative Journalist
Note: Camera strap around his neck"
—Fingerprint analysis results on the victim

Batman: Owen Grant. He's an investigative journalist. Did an interview with him last year. Must have been chasing a big story to be out here... There's a camera strap around his neck. But where's the rest of it?

Scan of impact zone

"Trace Evidence
Trajectory analysis
Type: Drag Marks
Surface: Snow
Analysis: Crawling injured away from ledge."
—Trace evidence results of the victim's drag marks

Batman: This trail indicates the victim tried to escape before succumbing to his wounds.

Scan of railing

"Bullet Impact
Trajectory analysis
Location: Chest
Bullet Caliber: 9mm
Impact Energy: 420 ft-lb
Angle of impact: 58 degrees
Note: Death not immediate."
—Debris analysis results on broken railing

Batman: Spatter analysis indicates the shots came from below. Grant must have dropped the camera when he was hit. Reviewing the reconstruction will help me find it - assuming the shooter didn't get there first.

Scan of camera

"Digital Data Evidence
Data analysis
Type: Image Data
Number: 13
Resolution: 3.1 megapixel"
—Digital Data Evidence results from discarded camera

Batman: Alfred?

Alfred: Sir?

Batman: I'm sending you some data taken from the camera. See if you can ID the subject in the shots.

Alfred: Certainly, sir. Just give me a moment... Here we are. A one Chucky Berks. I'm sending you his last known location.

Finding Chucky Berks[]

Chucky Berks: Ya gotta help me! We need to get back there before the cops show up! If they find his camera...

Criminal: You crazy? That place is probably swarming with 'em already. You want my advice? Jump on the next bus out of Gotham. You're done here.

Chucky Berks: Look - if they show up - fine - we walk... But if they haven't. If there's still time... Please! I'm beggin' ya.

Criminal: And I'm telling you forget it.

Chucky Berks: You think they won't trace this back to you too? Hmmm? Find out about our little counterfeiting scheme? What do you think that guy was doin down there? Sightseeing? They're already on to us.

Criminal: How the hell'd that happen?

Chucky Berks: You tell me! I'm not the one buying flashy cars and new suits - buying rounds for everybody at the bar. Hell, you've even got an entourage now!

Criminal: I don't know what you're talking about.

Chucky Berks: Sure you don't. Either way - it looks like if I go down, you go down.

Criminal: Gimme a minute! I need to think about this...

Batman arrives at the scene

Criminal: You seein' what I'm seein'?

Criminals beaten

Batman puts Chucky Berks into an interrogation lock

Chucky Berks: W-What do you want?

Batman: Justice. You killed a man. Why?

Chucky Berks: He was gonna expose our counterfeiting. I didn't have a choice.

Batman: You always have a choice.

Batman knocks Chucky Berks out cold

Batman: Alfred, let GCPD know that Chucky Berks has been apprehended for the murder of Owen Grant. Send them my current location along with the case file details.

Alfred: At once, sir.

Dixon Docks Shooting Casefile Closed

Cop: Dispatch, 4-9.

GCPD Dispatcher: 4-9, go ahead.

Cop: So the fire's almost out, but it looks like we've got a body here. Cause of death currently unknown. Gonna need a forensics team to take a look.

GCPD Dispatcher: Copy that. We'll get someone to you. Keep the site secured until they arrive.