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Earth-2 is an alternate universe that has already been invaded, terraformed and subsequently destroyed by Brainiac's Invasion.

Incident Reports[]

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

Three years prior, Brainiac began an invasion in the city of Metropolis on Earth-2 in order to terraform the planet into a new Colu following the destruction of the original Colu, and was eventually successful, with not even this world's heroes, in particular the Justice League, being able to defend Metropolis from the might of Brainiac's forces. With Earth-2's heroes defeated, and with no one else to stop him, Brainiac began terraforming the Earth into New Colu, the result of the terraforming causing the complete destruction of not just Metropolis, but the whole of Earth-2 and most of it's human population. The only survivors of the invasion were Lex Luthor and Floyd Lawton, who Lex had accidentally sent to Earth-1 when experimenting with the possibility of being able to travel through the multiverse, having eventually discovered the existence of other worlds similar to his, as well as twelve versions of himself that Brainiac can transfer his mind into, Lex would make contact with his Earth-1 counterpart to warn him of the incoming invasion of Earth-1, and despite both Lex's efforts Brainiac launched another invasion in Metropolis in Earth-1, this time brainwashing all but one member of Earth-1's Justice League to aid him in the invasion.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

Earth-1's Suicide Squad would unintentionally travel to Earth-2 to escape Green Lantern following the death of the Flash, initially believing it to be their Earth at first before picking up Lex Luthor's trail much to their confusion, tracking him down underneath the destroyed Hall of Justice. Luthor shows himself to the team, angered at the possibility that three years of planning his escape from Earth-2 could now have been jeopardized due to the Suicide Squad easily finding his location. However, none of the team recognize him as Lex Luthor due to his different appearance, it isn't until King Shark gets his scent that he confirms the man standing in front of them is Luthor, Captain Boomerang in particular doesn't understand what's going on since to him, Luthor has grown his hair rapidly from when the team last saw him, much to the annoyance of the Earth-2 Luthor as he leads them deeper into the hideout, concluding his Earth-1 counterpart must have sent the team to his world as two of the Suicide Squad are dressed near identical to his Deadshot and Lady Boomerang.

As he tells the team to quickly meet up outside and back above ground, Luthor only then realizes from Harley Quinn's comment about Lex Luthor having "a big hole in his chest" that his counterpart is dead, and as he tells the team they need to leave, an incredibly confused Deadshot demands to know exactly what's going on, where they actually were, how Luthor is seemingly alive again and what happened to Metropolis, King Shark quickly guessing they're in a different universe, something Luthor confirms, revealing to the team they are now in Earth-2, long invaded and terraformed by Brainiac, and also reveals his communications with their world's Lex Luthor to help him prepare for Brainiac's invasion. Before he can continue however, the Brainiac technology Luthor had used to contact Earth-1 picks up Green Lantern ordering Brainiac's troops to find the Suicide Squad, with mention of saving Lawton for Green Lantern himself causing Deadshot to shoot and damage the device.

Deciding now is the time to escape his world, Luthor leads the team to a makeshift truck containing his multiverse teleportation device and drives it to the partially destroyed LuthorCorp, where he tasks the Suicide Squad to protect the truck while the teleportation device charges. Once the device gathers enough charge, Luthor successfully transports himself and the Suicide Squad to LexCorp back on Earth-1, Luthor expressing his joy now that he was free from the destroyed Earth-2.

With Luthor quickly replacing his counterpart in Earth-1, Earth-2 would become completely devoid of all human life. However, the Suicide Squad would return to Earth-2 on different occasions in order to hinder Brainiac's invasion by destroying his weapons and troops, continuing to do this even after defeating Brainiac the first time in Earth-2.

Known Inhabitants[]

Unknown Status[]

  • Lady Boomerang
  • Wonder Woman
  • Superman
  • The Flash (Wally West)
  • Batman
  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
  • Riddler
  • Penguin
  • Ivy
  • Hack



Known Locations[]

  • Metropolis


  • The Hall of Justice of this world served as Lex's hideout for years following Brainiac's invasion, there's also evidence that A.R.G.U.S at some point occupied the Hall of Justice much like on Earth-1 as the remains of different items can be seen:
    • Penguin's throne.
    • Ivy' dead plant friend Daphne.
    • Riddler's gadgets.
      • The Riddler being on the Support Squad is a major difference between the two Earths, as on Earth-1 he had been passed over for Gizmo.