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This page includes spoiler details from the latest game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Please proceed at your own risk.

Easter Eggs

  • Message In The Lab: Returning to Langstrom's lab, you'll find the place had been torn apart, his wife's body is missing and "Forever My Love" is scrawled in blood on the broken monitor.
  • Killer Moth: In the Red Hood Story Pack, one of Black Mask's men mention Killer Moth that he was taken out by Red Hood, confirming his demise.
  • Man-Bat Breakout: If player captured Man-Bat via side-mission, special event can be triggered. Setting PC or console date to October 31st, 2015 and returning to GCPD will reveal that Kirk Langstrom has escaped from his cell.
  • The Early Appearance: The Intro features Officer Owens who confronts a smoking cafe visitor who is in fact a terrorist deploying fear toxin. He wears clothes with a red hood covering his face. The game files name this character as "Jason Todd". An "A" scratched on the table beside him support this, also indicating on Jason's other identity, the Arkham Knight.
  • Joker All Over Gotham: When Batman has the hallucination of Joker, there are illusions of the Joker as he is seen in posters, billboards, statues, and thugs when Batman sees Joker while in combat. The hallucinations become so severe at one point that entire groups of thugs can appear as Joker clones.
  • Victor Zsasz: When you're in the Clock Tower, scanning the video feed for the first time, if you go all the way to the end and look on the bottom left screens, you can see Zsasz among the rioters and you can find a statue referring to Zsasz and it unlocks a riddle and you can find a newspaper about him (and he is mentioned by thugs)
  • Harley vs Harleen: While playing as Harley Quinn, she uses her Psychosis Mode that can hear her alter ego Harleen Quinzel talks to Harley in her mind and tells her to give up her career as a criminal, but Harley refused.
  • Solomon Grundy: if you go to a secret room behind a fence there is a poster of Solomon Grundy and a lullaby of him.

References to in-game events

  • Bodies Everywhere: In the morgue of Elliot Memorial Hospital, there are bodies of two people from Paulie's Diner, the waitress, and a civilian who talks to Owens. Talia's empty body locker can be seen with her name tag, it is likely her body was taken by the League of Assassins.
  • Red Hood: After Batman surrenders to Scarecrow, there is red symbol that was on the wall of the storage depot. Inside a truck, Alfred contacts Batman that someone is tracking his movement and Batman notice that Jason would rescue him. Returning to the studios, there is Red Hood's symbol below the middle in the quarantine cells.
  • Familiar Faces: In the diner as Officer Owens, there are some people who are familiar: the missing poster of Henry Adams, two wallpapers of Johnny Charisma and Albert King on a menu board, a newspaper showing a picture of Christina Bell (the Joker infected) and two thugs sitting (similar to the end when they are robbing a family)

References to other Arkham games


Calendar Man cameo in Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Blackgate Mall: During the game, there is a billboard showing of the Blackgate Mall. This transformation was first referenced in Batman: Arkham City.
  • GCPD Evidence Room: The GCPD Evidence Room contains various supervillain personal weapons and gadgets recovered by the police from the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins.
  • The Duality of Man: After choosing "Destroy Lazarus Machine", Batman will carry Ra's al Ghul to take him to GCPD. This scene of Batman carrying Ra's is reference to the Duality of Man like Batman carries Joker's body after he died at the end of Arkham City.
  • Tiny Is Not Dead: A shark's corpse resembling Penguin's huge pet shark Tiny from Batman: Arkham City can be found killed and hung up beside Falcone's Shipping Yard in the Cauldron District of Bleake Island with a massive hook sticking out of its jaw. Many believed this shark to be Tiny until it was revealed that Tiny was alive and well in the story DLC GCPD Lockdown featuring Nightwing as the protagonist. You'll start out in the Blüdhaven Docks, as you progress you'll be pitted against several of Penguin's henchmen. Once the thugs have been dispatched you can observe a huge what looks to be a fishtank with the name 'Tiny' written below. As you proceed forward Tiny will swim at you and smash into the glass cracking it but luckily not breaking it, it will eye the player as it turns and swims away. Both are considered to be references to the movie "Jaws"
  • The Chronicles of Arkham: During the Jason Todd flashbacks in the movie studios, you can see symbols on the floor below that resemble to the symbols from Arkham Asylum that was used by Quincy Sharp, the Spirit of Arkham.
  • Souvenirs From Arkham City: There are references of Riddler's old riddles: Scarecrow's original mask is seen when Scarecrow escaped after locking Batman, Mad Hatter's book is seen inside a building on Founder's Island and the Cobblepot family portrait in Penguin's hideout.
  • Copperhead's Poison: When you first enter ACE Chemicals, on one the tables to the right, you can find a vile with the label "Copperhead poison".
  • Anarky: There are Anarky symbols that appears somewhere in Gotham. Thugs mention him, claiming "that kid [Anarky] would have loved this" (the chaos and anarchy Scarecrow created in Gotham).
  • Calendar Man: In the final scene in the game, when the crowd surrounds Wayne Manor for the brief moment, Calendar Man can be seen among them. This is a notable reference to an Easter Egg in Arkham City (Which can only be done by changing the date to the date that Rocksteady was founded.), where he told Batman that he will "be at your end".

References to other Batman Continuities/Stories

  • Secret Entrance Bust: A stone bust concealing a button can be seen, and interacted with in Wayne Office & Clock Tower. The same bust and button was used as the secret entrance lever in the '60s Batman TV show.
  • Stage C Code: In Panessa Studios, the code required to enter Stage C is 0539. When turned into a date, it becomes May (19)39, which is the month when Batman made his first appearance.
  • Batman Returns: The opening for Catwoman's Revenge has her breaking into Winslow's Toy Store, which is a reference to her first crime in the film Batman Returns. Coincidentally, similar to the film, Catwoman's main motivation in her story DLC is revenge against someone who did her ill in the past (in this case, the Riddler), and both even have the villain being dispatched by a taser due to Catwoman's actions (though unlike Max Schreck, Riddler isn't killed).
  • The Cult: If you talk to Jack Ryder after the Deacon Blackfire mission, he will say he may name his article about the incident The Cult, where Deacon Blackfire first appeared.
  • The Bookworm: The Music Meister's store is called Bookworms, with the inscription "Since 1966". This is a reference to the villian Bookworm, featured in Batman 66's show starring Adam West and Burt Ward.
  • Batman: The Code: The Arkham Knight Militia members will sometimes recollect about how the Joker had once somehow attempted to run for President, even with his own campaign ads. This was a reference to the Batman comic "Batman: The Code" where the Joker proceeded to run for president of No Man's Land against Billy "The Pig" Pettit. It may have also been a reference to the first issue of Batman: Dark Detective, which had on the cover the Joker, Uncle Sam-style, requesting the readers to vote for him, or he'll otherwise kill them.
  • Classic Harley Costume: Harley Quinn sports her trademark black and red ensemble outfit from Batman: The Animated Series in Batgirl: A Matter of Family.
  • The Laughing Fish: The Laughing Fish from Batman: The Animated Series can be seen in Batgirl: A Matter of Family as an animatronic jokerized fish that can be found in the Ghost Ship.
  • Miagani: One of the three main parts of Gotham, Miagani Island is named after prehistoric men tribe Miagani from DC Comics who based their lifestyle around bats after seeing the "man of bats" (who's in fact was time-travelling Batman aka Bruce Wayne), and eventually had descendants that gave birth to that very man.
  • Burt Weston: The name in the poster for the movie "Solomon Grundy" is Burt Weston, also known as the Film Freak, whose name is a clear reference to the two main Actors in the 60's show, Burt Ward and Adam West
  • The Long Halloween: Upon finding the third victim in the "A Perfect Crime" Most Wanted Mission, Alfred, upon the discovery, will tell Batman that the events of this mission resemble a serial killing case he conducted early in his career as the caped vigilante that coincidentally also occurred on Halloween, also recalling that it was "a long one." This is a reference to the comic book arc Batman: The Long Halloween, more specifically the events of the Holiday killings.
  • Batman Begins: The Arkham Knight said some familiar key words to Batman in the Excavator tunnels where there are similar scenes from the film Batman Begins.
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker: A large part of the plot (namely, the then-deceased Joker spending his time taking over Batman's body before ultimately being beaten at his own game) is similar to the premise of the film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, with the primary differences being that Joker took over Batman himself here, while in the film, he took over Tim Drake; Joker, unlike in the game, reached posthumous fame and even had a criminal organization named after him, and that he was instead beaten by having insults thrown back at him.
    • Bat-fake: Joker at one point in the "Batgirl: A Matter of Family" DLC refers to the titular character as "Bat-fake", which was the insult that Joker used on the new Batman, Terry McGinnis, in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Coincidentally, both Batgirl and McGinnis filled in the role Batman usually played (although in Batgirl's case it was only temporary).
  • The Man Who Killed Batman: In "Batgirl: A Matter of Family", Joker, when about to launch an RPG at the strut Batgirl and Robin were on to take them out, enters a bitter rant about how it used to be all so simple before Robin and Batgirl got involved where he would commit crimes, Batman stops him, they have a few laughs, and they move on until next time. This was a reference to the Batman: The Animated Series episode "The Man Who Killed Batman", which had Joker, when discovering Batman was unusually late in stopping his current crime, engaging in a similar rant.
  • Under the Hood/Under the Red Hood: In the Red Hood Story Pack, Red Hood is confronting Black Mask's criminal enterprise as well as targeting Black Mask himself, which is most likely a reference to Red Hood's antagonism of Black Mask in the direct to video animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood as well as the story arc the film was based on, Batman: Under the Hood.
  • The Dark Knight Returns: Certain aspects of the game, such as Two-Face's bank robberies as well as Batman in the climax ends up snapping Joker's neck at Crime Alley in a hallucination references the events of Frank Miller's comic book story arc The Dark Knight Returns, as well as the two-part animated film adaptation of the same name.
  • The Killing Joke: Batman's flashback to when Barbara Gordon ended up shot by the Joker in her apartment, as well as some of Joker's comments recalling the event in various flashbacks, references the story arc. Joker also comments dryly on how Gordon having a very bad day similar to Joker's monologue in that story. Joker's ultimate attack via his Joker Mobile is named after the comic. Lastly, elements of the plotline for Batgirl: A Matter of Family referenced the overall story arc for the comic.

References to other Batman characters

  • Firebug: One criminal while talking about Firefly says he thinks theres also a criminal called Firebug. This is a reference to Joe Rigger who in the comics goes by the name of Firebug and burns buildings as revenge for his family being killed in building-related accidents.
  • Harold's Repairs: A business by the name of Harold's Repairs can be found on Miagani Island. This is most likely a reference to Harold Allnut who Batman saved from Penguin. He would later go on to be the mechanic and engineer of the Batcave and a trusted member of the Bat Family.
  • The Carpenter: Jenna's Furniture is a store that can be found on Miagani Island. The store is a reference to Jenna Duffy aka The Carpenter.
  • Oracle's Mask: In the Clock Tower, there is a mask in the bookshelf. This mask is Barbara's Oracle icon. This icon can also be found on her computer, awaiting a password.
  • Charlatan: Posters can be seen for the movies Other Fish to Fry and for The Prosecutor. Both movies star an actor named Paul Sloan. Paul Sloan is an actor who gets hired to pretend to be Two-Face and buries himself into his role until he goes insane believing himself to be Two-Face. The real Two-Face finds out and actually scars Sloan who then goes by the name of Charlatan.
  • Clayfaces: A poster for the movie Dark Interlude can be found in Panessa Studios and in Oracle's Clocktower. The movie stars Basil Karlo, Matt Hagen, Preston Payne, and Sondra Fuller. These four all are villains in the comics who go by the name of Clayface. The poster even references this by showing a critic's review on the poster stating that Hagen forms and molds into his defining role which is a reference to his transformation into Clayface. A poster for Other Fish to Fry also has Karlo's name featured on it and a poster can be seen for Karlo's The Terror.
  • Jackanape/Jack Napier: There is a store called Jackanapes. It is a reference to the Batman villain Jackanape. It could also possibly be a reference to Jack Nicolson's character Jack Napier who becomes the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman film.
  • Prosecutor: There is a bill board promoting the Prosecutor, who is a Batman villain.
  • Professor Milo: There is a club called Dr. Milo Cocktails, which is a reference to Professor Milo from the comics.
  • The Monocle: There is a store named "CHEVAL'S" which is a reference to the Batman villain The Monocle.
  • Earl Cooper: There is a repair shop called Earl Cooper's Repairs. This is a reference to the character from the Batman The Animated Series, who designs and maintains Batman's Batmobile.
  • Music Meister: There are stores named Music Meisters, which is a reference to a villain from the Batman: Brave and the Bold animated series.
  • The Shark: There is a store named Hardwick Tom's, which is a reference to the Batman villain, The Shark.
  • The Mad "Sane" Hatter: There is a store called the Sane Hatter, which is a reference to the Mad Hatter.
  • Monarch: There are stores named Monarch Merchandise. The Monarch is a villain from Batman Comics.
  • Tally Man: In the beginning of the game, when you play as Officer Owens, listen to the conversation at the table nearest to the jukebox. You'll hear mention of the Tally Man, a villain from Batman comics.
  • Kairi Tanaga: In the chamber where Ivy and Barbara were captured, there are posters for the "Tanaga Dojo" with the instructor "Kairi Tanaga". Kairi is a character from the Batman Beyond animated series who teaches Terry her martial art. She and Bruce trained under the same teacher (who in this universe is Master Kirigi).
  • Sweet Tooth: The Sweet Tooth, supervillain from New Adventures of Batman, will sometimes be mentioned by thugs, which mention that he had poisoned bagels with arsenic.
  • Cluemaster: Arthur Brown's game show "Price Change" is referenced via a poster in the entrance of Panessa Film Studios. His villain alter ego is also referenced during a conversation amongst thugs, comparing him to The Riddler.
  • Batwoman: One of the voice messages at Wayne Enterprises features a woman named Kate requesting for Bruce Wayne to attend an "engagement thing" with Maggie, also mentioning that Bruce taught her to keep up appearances. The woman is Kate Kane, also known as Batwoman, an occasional ally of Batman, and "Maggie" refers to Maggie Sawyer, a member of the Special Crimes Unit of the Metropolis Police Department.
  • Royal Flush Gang: Billboards in poker rooms talking about Royal Flush is a reference to the villain team, the Royal Flush Gang, from Batman Beyond.
  • Solomon Grundy: At the theater on Miagani Island there is a poster for the movie "Solomon Grundy.
  • Tony Zucco: Joker, when trying to convince Batman to leave Gotham to its fate with the then-recent activation of the cloudburst, says that Gotham is "falling faster than the Flying Graysons on Take-Your-Kid-To-Work Day!", alluding to Tony Zucco and his murder of Nightwing's family, the Flying Graysons. Coincidentally, Mark Hammill, Joker's voice actor, also voiced Tony Zucco in The Batman.

References to the DC Universe

  • The Atom: locker with a name "Ray Palmer" with an atom symbol can be seen when visiting Ace Chemicals,
  • The Flash: A poster of Keystone City, the Flash's home can be seen, Some enemy chatter will have them mentioning Keystone City and how Gotham's better because "at least they can see Batman coming", alluding to both the city and its most famous resident, The Flash.
  • Bane: A sign says "Visit Santa Prisca", Bane's home country can be found,
  • The Grey Ghost: poster that says "The Ghost in Grey" reference the Grey Ghost can be found,
  • Cyborg: showing a picture of Victor Stone aka Cyborg can be seen,
  • Mr. Unknown: building says Osamu Towers reference to Jiro Osamu aka Mr. Unknown,
  • Black Canary: building that says the Black Canary Club reference to the female hero Black Canary; she is also mentioned by Oracle to patrol the evacuation camps along with Huntress.
  • The Huntress: message from Huntress is seen on Oracle's computer,
  • Ace the Bat-Hound: dog bowl in Wayne Tower with a name "Ace" is a reference to Bruce Wayne's dog, Ace the Bat-Hound,
  • Zatanna: sign of a magic store says "Zatanna" reference to Zatanna Zatara,
  • Terror: A movie poster for "The Terror" can be seen,
  • Robin/Nightwing: for The Flying Graysons can be found,
  • Superman, Robin/Nightwing, The Flash and Green Arrow: Militia soldiers mention there are "others like Batman" in Metropolis, Blüdhaven, Central City and Star City.
  • The Clock King: There is the store called Tockman's Antiques, which refers to DC Comics supervillain William Tockman aka the Clock King.
  • Green Arrow: One of the buildings in Founder's Island belongs to Queen Industries - the company owned by Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Also, Catwoman mentions her Queen Industries robbery. One of the Joker infected, Christina Bell, is a member of the board of directors of Queen Industries Gotham branch. After saving Jack Ryder from Deacon Blackfire, he will tell Batman that he's planning on writing an expose about the owner of Queen Industries, calling him "a real sharp-shooter".
  • Gorilla Grodd: After the rescue of Warden Ranken before Croc jumps up and takes him, there is a flooded cell with a name wrote on it "Gorilla Grodd". Gorilla Grodd is a supervillain to the Flash.
  • Crypt Keeper: If the player visits Deathstroke after imprisoning him before the fight with Scarecrow, the Joker hallucination will say "Gather round kiddies. Uncle Slade has more Tales from the Trenches.", alluding to the character Crypt Keeper from the DC Comic serial "Tales from the Crypt."
  • Otisburg: An area in Founder island is named after Lex Luthor's bumbling henchman, Otis, from the 1978 movie, Superman: The Movie.
  • Daily Planet: There's a container in Port Adams that belongs to the Daily Planet. There's a opening on it with a lot of newspapers falling out of it with the headline Meteorites hit Smallville. The Daily Planet is fictional newspaper publisher as well as place of work of Clark Kent aka Superman.
  • Mister Camera: On Miagani Island a billboard can be seen for Sim's Camera. This is a reference to Harry Sims who in the comics is a small time criminal called Mister Camera. The logo even resembles a tuxedo with a camera for a head which is a reference to Sims' villainous alter-ego.
  • Secret 6: A store can be found called Secret 6. This is a reference to the villain group Secret Six from the comics.
  • Tropidor: At one point during the later stages of the "Campaign for Disarmament" Most Wanted Mission, Deathstroke will allude to him and his employers having to deal with a guerilla fighter in Tropidor that was as difficult as Batman, referring to a Central American location in the DC comics series Wonder Woman.
  • Aquaman and Ocean Master: A sign can be found that features the symbol worn by Aquaman. An eatery called Ocean Master Sushi resembles the name of Aquaman's half-brother and archenemy, Ocean Master.
  • Ash: There is a store called ASH, which is a reference to a member of the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Planet Master: The Seagate Amusement Park featured in Batgirl: A Matter of Family is built by Edward Burke. There is a Batman villain called Planet Master who's real name is Edward Burke. It is possible this is a reference to the Planet Master.
  • El Dorado: This is a Jazz Club named Eduardo's Jazz Club, which is a reference to Eduardo Dorado aka El Dorado from the Super Friends cartoon.
  • Condiment King: There are stores named Standler's Groceries, which is a reference to Buddy Standler aka The Condiment King.
  • The Slab: This is a sign with "The Slab" on it. The Slab is a metahuman prison in DC Comics.
  • Starro: In Batgirl: A Matter of Family, there is a room between the Ferris Wheel and the Great White and Starro is seen in a containment tube. There is a billboard of a person with a starfish that reference of one of Starro's spores as part of the act called "The Starfish Freak". Starro the Conqueror is a giant starfish-like alien in the DC Universe, he generates duplicate spores of itself that can attach human faces to control their minds.
  • Matter-Eater Lad: There is a store called Tenzil's Sandwiches. Tenzil Kem is DC Comics superhero from 30th century with abilities consume any form of matter with his body.
  • DC Enterprises: There are reference companies in DC: Cale-Anderson building, Mendo Soap, a store called Cadmus is reference to Cadmus Labs and Soder Cola.
  • Belle Reve: There is a store on Bleake Island called Belle Reve, which is a reference to the metahuman prison in DC Comics.
  • Qurac: Upon completing one of the Arkham Knight militia related objectives after Deathstroke takes over, Deathstroke will reminisce about an onslaught in Qurac, alluding to a middle eastern country in the DC Universe.
  • Wildcat: On Miagani Island, there are posters for a boxing match between Albert King and Ted Grant aka Wildcat. Wildcat is a hero from DC Comic and a member of the Justice Society.
  • KGBeast: There are restaurants named K.G.Bagels, which is a reference to KGBeast.
  • Killer Frost: There are stores named Frost Diamonds and Snow Drug Store. There are references to Caitlin Snow, an incarnation to Killer Frost.
  • Blockbuster: There is a pharmacy named Roland and Mark's Pharmacy. Roland and Mark are two brothers that both became the monster Blockbuster.
  • Nth Metal: There is periodic table near the personnel lockers in ACE Chemicals with note about "unknown 199 metal Nth". Nth metal is a fiction material from DC Comics, originating from Thanagar, the home planet of hawkmen race. It features unusual properties, most notably gravity negation.
  • Blaze Comics: Several signs can be seen around Gotham for Blaze Comics. Blaze Comics is a fictional comic book company in the DC Universe. Booster Gold is usually featured in Blaze Comics.
  • Blue Beetle: A sign for Kord Industries can be found on Bleake Island. Kord Industries is owned by Ted Kord also known as the DC Comics superhero Blue Beetle.
  • Markovia: Markovia posters can be seen across the city. Markovia is a DC Comics fictional country used by Batman to gather the Outsiders superhero group.
  • Toyman: Winslow's Toy Shop refers to the Toyman aka Winslow Schott, a Superman enemy and resident of Metropolis.
  • Vlatvia: Vlatvia posters can be seen across the city. Vlatvia is a DC Comics fictional country strongly associated with Count Vertigo, DC Comics supervillain and Green Arrow's enemy.
  • Booster Gold: A Booster Gold poster can be seen in the city. Booster Gold is a DC Comics superhero.
  • John Constantine: There is an office front for John Constantine on Founder's Island. John Constantine is a DC Comics/Vertigo anti-hero.
  • Brutale: One of the militia members mentions a Barrera who he used to work with who had a way of making people talk. This is a reference to Guillermo Barrera aka Brutale, who is a villain of Nightwing and was an interrogator for the secret police of Hasaragua.
  • Doctor Phosphorus: Simon Stagg's interview tapes feature a doctor by the name of Alex Sartorius. In the comics, Sartorius becomes exposed to radiation turning him into the villain Doctor Phosphorus.
  • Swamp Thing: In the Miagani Island Botanical Gardens, there is a bench with a plaque saying "In Loving Memory... Dr. Alec Holland" - referring to the real name of DC Comics/Vertigo character the Swamp Thing.
  • Superman and Lex Luthor: When flying around Founder's Island one of the thugs says "You know the only thing that's missing, is if that freak from Metropolis flew in here" referring to DC Comics superhero Superman. There is a poster of Metropolis that appears and one of the firefighters mentions Superman. Lex Luthor can be heard in a voicemail on Bruce Wayne's phone and the LexCorp building and poster can be seen. Lex Luthor also makes a cameo appearance behind Vicki Vale during the ending scene outside of the Wayne Manor.
  • Martian Manhunter: In the GCPD headquarters, there is a board listing detectives shifts. The board list the names of Renee Montoya and Harvey Bullock - Gotham City police officers from Batman comics, and John Jones aka the Martian Manhunter - a DC Comics superhero who is frequently depicted as a detective is his civilian life.

References to other media/people

  • Pauli's Diner: Likely a reference to Paul Dini, who wrote both Arkham Asylum & City.
  • Metal Gear: One of the game over lines featuring Joker screaming: "Bats? Bats?? BAAAATS??" is a nod to Metal Gear games where characters reacts on the death of protagonist Solid Snake in the same manner (Snake? Snake?? SNAAAAKE??). Metal Gear had strong influences on the Batman: Arkham series' gameplay, being one of the first stealth-action-adventure games.
  • Batdad: The YouTube sensation Batdad makes a cameo in the diner scene at the beginning of the game.
  • Rocksteady's Workers: A majority of the crew at Rocksteady's names can be found throughout the game to names on movie posters (David Hego on The Prosecutor) and several GCPD officers share the same names as crew at Rocksteady. Examples include: Officer Ginn (Dax Ginn), Officer Deaves (Gaz Deaves), and Officer Loveridge (Peter Loveridge).
  • Sefton Hill: A man can be seen in the beginning of the game at Pauli's Diner who resembles game director Sefton Hill.
  • Jurassic Park: When the Joker thugs are about to lower a GCPD officer into a Kraken-like model in an amusement park, the Joker thugs talk about possibly reviving it by extracting its DNA from orange glass, referring to a major plot point from the franchise Jurassic Park, where dinosaurs are revived via cloning from DNA extracted from Amber.
  • Alien:  Some thugs talk about Ivy raising plants and destroying militia tanks. One thug says he was scared to walk past a shrubbery and the other thug replies with "I ate a salad for lunch and then I started thinking could she bring it back to life and make it pop out of my stomach like some kind of alien parasite". This is a reference to the 1979 film Alien.
  • Comic Writers: There are stores name Mckie Gems, which is a reference to comic artist Angus McKie. There is a ship with a sign that reads Dixon Dock West, which is a reference to comic book writer Chuck Dixon.
  • Gothic Literature Writers: Posters of Bram Stoker's Dracula and Edgar Allan Poe's "Masque of the Red Death" are seen in Gotham City. Stocker's and Poe's works served as inspiration to many Batman comics stories and villains, as well to the Batman character himself.
  • Johnny Carson/The Shining: When Robin and Batgirl are fighting the first onslaught of Joker thugs at the beginning of the game, the Joker while "Commentating" on the fight at one point yells "Where's Gordy?!" in the same manner as the trademark beginning announcement for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, as well as a similar delivery by the character John Torrance in the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining. Coincidentally, the character in the latter instance is played by Jack Nicholson, who portrayed the Joker in the 1989 Batman film.