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    Easter Egg #1: Rejected Assassins: On Black Mask's Office, there are three files of possible assassins that were rejected: Cheshire, David Cain and Black Spider.
  2. Easter Egg #2: Calendar Man: Calendar Man makes a cameo during the first riot at Blackgate Prison, he is also referenced on Batcave Detective Wall and his cell is visible on Blackgate Prison.

  3. Easter Egg #4: DC Brands: There are brands and examples that reference to DC universe: AmerTek, Booster Gold International, Blaze Comics, Big Belly Burger, Ferris Aircraft, GothCorp, Janus Cosmetics, Cale-Anderson Pharmaceutical, Koul-Brau Breweries, Hell's Gate Disposal Services, Riley's Old Irish Pub, Mendo Soap, Soder Cola, and Stacy's.

  4. Easter Egg #6: Year One: In the Extortion Tapes, Commissioner Loeb had a conversation with Black Mask who was talking about Arnold Flass, one of the secondary characters from Batman: Year One. Flass's beatdown of James Gordon as well as his being humiliated by Gordon later from the same comic was also given an indirect reference in the same tape, where Loeb wishes he could send one of his cops to "beat some sense into [Gordon]," only for Black Mask to remind him that they tried that approach with Flass and it failed. Gordon's affair with Sarah Essen was also indirectly alluded to in another tape, where Loeb orders then-corrupt GCPD officer Harvey Bullock to get close to him and try to dig up any dirt, and also implies that he should arrange a honeypot trap for Gordon.

  5. Easter Egg #8: Burgess Meredith: Before encountering the Penguin on the Final Offer, you can find a scale model of the ship in a display case. The accompanying dialogue from the Penguin reveals that the Final Offer was originally called the Olivia B. Meredith - a reference to Oliver Burgess Meredith, the actor who portrayed the Penguin in the 1960's Batman television show.
  6. Easter Egg #15: Penelope Young: Penelope Young's apartment is seen at Lacey Towers, but is sealed by the office due to the murder that happened earlier.
  7. Easter Egg #16: Enigma's Secret Message: In the server room, there are numbers in the computer screen which might be a secret message from Enigma.

  8. Easter Egg #19: Iceberg Lounge Plans: In Penguin's office, there is a blueprint for the Iceberg Lounge.
  9. Easter Egg #20: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells: In the final Blackgate Prison encounter, Joker sings a part of the song "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells". Mark Hamill's Joker sings it in his first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, it's also the first line he does in the series. Before interrogating a prisoner who escape from Blackgate, he sings when he laughs "hahahaha..... Jingle... bells... hahahaha... Batman... smells... hahahaha."
  10. Easter Egg #21: Arkham Legacy: There are textures and props that are reference to the Arkham series: Arkham Asylum CCTV, photos of Killer Croc, some of Joker's tricks, Penguin's top hat, Ratcatcher's gear, Baudelaire, newspaper of Prometheus' parents gunned down, portrait of the Cobblepots, and Solomon Grundy poster.
  11. Easter Egg #22: DC Locations: There is a billboard that has the names of cities: Metropolis, Central City, Keystone, Wonder City and Coast City.
  12. Easter Egg #23: Chuck Dixon: The Dixon Docks are a reference to the Batman series' writer Chuck Dixon.
  13. Easter Egg #24: Penguin's Umbrellas: You can hear Penguin's thugs talking about his umbrellas. One umbrella mentioned has spirals and is used to hypnotize people, resembling an umbrella used in a scene from Batman Returns.
  14. Easter Egg #25: Family Photos: There are various family photos in the game: Aaron Cash's family, Branden's family, a young Bruce Wayne with his parents, and a picture of Gordon's first wife, Barbara Kean Gordon.

  15. Easter Egg #27: Catwoman & The Long Halloween: On the chalkboard mapping the Falcone Family in the GCPD, on the list with Carmine Falcone's daughter there's written "Selina ???". You can see several scratches on the wall of her apartment.

  16. Easter Egg #29: Cold, Cold Heart: Joker can be heard in the credits singing "Cold, Cold Heart", like the time in the Arkham City credits that he sings "Only You". While the credits are playing, you can hear Jack Ryder interviewing Quincy Sharp, who is eager to reopen Arkham Asylum, saying that the [Joker's] escape is the fault of Blackgate Prison, going on to say that he will reopen Arkham Asylum to admit the abnormal inmates.
  17. Easter Egg #30: Suicide Squad: After the credits end, Amanda Waller is seen contacting Deathstroke at Blackgate, telling him to participate of a certain project, the "Suicide Squad", the clipboard with the project is also seen at Harleen Quinzel's character trophy, and, in the end of "Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate", Deadshot and Bronze Tiger are recruited for the project.
  18. Easter Egg #31: Joker's Origins: When you're in the Batcave, if you head to the Batcomputer, then turn around, you'll see a bulletin board listing villains Batman is investigating. One of those is the Red Hood gang, the group who unintentionally created the Joker.
  19. Easter Egg #32: Daggett: Daggett Industries appears in a newspaper in the Pioneers Bridge. Daggett Industries is run by Roland Daggett, a powerful, corrupt businessman, who appears in Batman: The Animated Series. He was renamed John Daggett in The Dark Knight Rises.
  20. Easter Egg #34: Special Orders: In Penguin's office, there are two lists. List of companies: AmerTek, LexCorp, Queen Industries. List of assassins: Bane, Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot, Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke. Also, the weapon crates is a special order for Bane.
  21. Easter Egg #36: The Court of Owls: The Court of Owls from the New 52 is referenced several times throughout the game. The first reference is statues that resembles Talons on the balcony of the Royal Hotel. The second reference is a book featuring the nursery rhyme which can be found in the Gotham Bridge.
  22. Easter Egg #38: Work In Progress: In the Batcave, there are items that are not finished: an unfinished Line Launcher and an unfinished Batmobile (called an Assault Vehicle).
  23. Easter Egg #39: Puddle 2.0: In the Batcave, you can see a puddle that shows an image of the docks, it is similar to the puddle in the museum from Arkham City.
  24. Easter Egg #40: Wayne Memorabilia: Inside Wayne Manor are items and pictures: pictures of Solomon Wayne, his brother Joshua Wayne and Thomas and Martha Wayne, a picture of Wonder Tower under construction, the model of Old Gotham and New Gotham, the grandfather clock that leads to an entrance to the Batcave from the comic, the pearls that belong to Bruce's mother, the phone from 1960s Batman series, and the golden skull from Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  25. Easter Egg #42: Freeze Grenades: In Victor Fries' lab, there are grenades on the work desk similar to the Freeze Grenades and Clusters from Arkham City, given to Batman by Mr. Freeze. There is a blueprint of Freeze Grenades that Freeze has been working on.
  26. Easter Egg #43: Heart of Ice: There are several things that refer to Batman: The Animated Series episode "Heart of Ice": the snow globe, Victor and Nora's wedding photo, and Batman's line to, Ferris Boyle ("Take a seat... humanitarian.") echoing the original line ("Good night, humanitarian.")
  27. Easter Egg #44: Batman & Robin: There were a few references to the infamous Schumacher movie Batman & Robin: Namely, the removal of the diamond heart from Ferris Boyle's humanitarian award alluding to Mr. Freeze's planned theft of diamonds in the film; Pamela Isley's cameo in GothCorp (see above); and some criminals making puns relating to ice or cold temperatures twice relating to either Freeze himself or the cryogenic weaponry he supplied them with, much to their partner's chagrin, alluding to the characterization of Freeze in that film using several ice puns and such being one of the main reasons for the film's poor reception.
  28. Easter Egg #44: The Mysterious Package: On your way to the Thomas and Martha Wayne murder spot in Crime Alley, the corner you turn to get there has trash cans and bags. In front of it all is a package that has snow, but it's clear you can see purple, which would mean the Joker. But at the same time, is looks like a LexCorp logo. That's something to think about.
  29. Easter Egg #45: Hell's Gate: Near the murder spot of Thomas and Martha Wayne is a dumpster that says "Hell's Gate Disposal Service". It could be a reference to Arkham City, where Batman thinks he sees his parents near what many believe as Hell's Gate. It is more likely a reference to one of the boroughs in Metropolis known as "Hell's Gate," seeing as LexCorp owns a subsidiary business named "Hell's Gate Disposal Services."
  30. Easter Egg #47: Torching Wayne Manor: Wayne Manor being raided by enemies of Bruce Wayne during a party and then being torched while he was still inside for reasons relating to revenge against him mirrors the climax of Batman Begins where Henri Ducard and his League of Assassins had burned Wayne Manor to the ground as revenge to Bruce Wayne for "leaving him to die in his burning home", although unlike in the movie, Wayne Manor was ultimately saved from destruction, and in this case, Batman has to save Alfred from certain death instead of the other way around.
  31. Easter Egg #48: The Dark Knight Rises: Elements of Bane's character and design, including his wearing cargo pants and a flak jacket possessing numerous devices underneath, his manning a massive army in secret, using the city's sewer system as his primary base of operations, as well as his being primarily bald when unmasked, resembled his characterization in the Nolan film The Dark Knight Rises. In addition, one of the game over quotes for fighting TN-1 Bane, "First I broke your spirit, now I break your back.", was derived from Bane's statement to Batman in the same film when about to break the latter's back: "I was wondering what I should break first, the spirit or the body?"
  32. Easter Egg #49: Fireplace poker: During the beginning of the Cold, Cold Heart DLC, when Penguin's thugs are raiding Wayne Manor, Alfred is seen attempting to drive off several Penguin thugs with a fireplace poker prior to being knocked out by a vase, referring to similar actions Bruce Wayne utilized while attempting to defend Vicki Vale from the Joker's advances in her apartment in the 1989 Batman movie.
  33. Easter Egg #50: Bob Kane: During the final run on Blackgate, Batman can overhear some thugs talking about grabbing a pint at O'Kane's, a reference to Batman co-creator Bob Kane.

DC Characters[]

  1. Easter Egg #3: Zatanna: A poster for her show is visible at Jezebel Center and outside the Monarch Theatre. Her hat is also visible in "My Alibi".
  2. Easter Egg #5: Harvey Dent: Harvey Dent is referenced on a journal found in GCPD with the headline: "Harvey Dent elected Gotham's D.A.", he is also referenced at Enigma's secret room as being one of his candidates of being Batman.
  3. Easter Egg #7: Catman: A poster for his show is seen at Jezebel Plaza, advertising the show owned by Thomas Blake, aka Catman.
  4. Easter Egg #9: The Flying Graysons: A poster for their show is seen at Jezebel Plaza.
  5. Easter Egg #10: Thomas and Martha Wayne: In Crime Alley, there is a chalk outline feet from where Thomas and Martha Wayne died, for a separate casefile of a similar murder. While rewinding the crime scene, the player can see their corpses briefly.
  6. Easter Egg #11: Andrea Beamount: Two postcards sent by Andrea Beamount are seen at the Batcave; one sent from Rome and the other from Paris, and both talk about her missing father. Beamount is known as the villain Phantasm in the DC Animated Universe.
  7. Easter Egg #12: Scarecrow: Jonathan Crane has signed on Blackgate Prison's visitor log, and it shows that he has been visiting Blackgate for a long time, but he hasn't signed out at the moment of the incident.
  8. Easter Egg #13: Captain Boomerang: In one side mission, while talking to his friend, an inmate will mention being hunted by a guy with a boomerang. The other, assuming it's Batman, corrects the escapee, calling it a Batarang. The escapee will then explain that the man chasing him is not Batman and calls himself "Captain". This is a reference to Captain Boomerang, a villain commonly associated with the Flash.
  9. Easter Egg #14: Lefty Knox: In the Final Offer, you can hear the thugs mention a guy name Lefty which is reference to Lefty Knox, one of the identities used by Batman.
  10. Easter Egg #17: Hugo Strange: Hugo Strange's office is seen in Park Row, he is also referenced on Alberto Falcone's bio in the official site of the game. Harleen Quinzel is also Strange's intern at the incident, as heard in Alberto Falcone's extortion tapes.
  11. Easter Egg #18: Hamilton Hill: You can see the sign of the building that says Hamilton Hill, named after Gotham's mayor who is featured prominently in Batman: The Animated Series.
  12. Easter Egg #26: Mafia Families: In the GCPD, there are chalkboards that give clues to the other criminal organization activity going on in Gotham City, such as Sal Maroni, Carla Viti, Lewis Moxon, Rupert Thorne, and Tony Zucco.
  13. Rupert Thorne: the crime boss was was referenced several times in the Side Missions. His most prominent involvement seemed to be his control over Hamilton Hill, the Mayor of Gotham. It was said that he rigged the election, made sure that Hill would win, and therefore, put himself in control. Anarky seemed to be an enemy of his as he mentioned his dislike for the crime boss several times.
  14. Basil Karlo: In Jezebel Plaza, there are posters advertising a show called "Funny Faces" with the impressionist Basil Karlo, aka Clayface.
  15. Hush: In the Batcave, Alfred tells Batman that Bruce Wayne's friend, Dr. Thomas Elliot, has called about a pair of twins in surgery. A lot of people believe that the pair of twins Elliot had in surgery are the Abramovici Twins, Mr. Hammer and Sickle.
  16. King Krakken: On the Final Offer there is graffiti on the wall of King Krakken. He is a character in Grant Morrison's "Black Glove" story arc.
  17. The King Bat: Returning to the Batcave, you can find Alfred standing near training program and talking about a bat creature he called "The King Bat," referencing to the giant bat with green eyes seen in multiple cutscenes during the game, including the very beginning.
  18. Poison Ivy: In GothCorp, there is a visitor's tag on the desk that belongs to Pamela Isley, an obvious reference to Poison Ivy. Her presence at GothCorp is most likely a reference to the alliance between herself and Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin.
  19. Gotham Police Detectives: In the Gotham City Police Department, Renee Montoya, Jim Corrigan and Crispus Allen's names appear on lockers.