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"I'm-a kill you! Then I'm-a jumpstart your heart - and kill you again!"
—Electrocutioner to Batman [src]

Lester Buchinsky was an egotistical street punk of limited intelligence and resourcefulness who was eager to make money and a name for himself as The Electrocutioner, among Gotham City's criminal underworld after losing in an underground pit fight. Lester used powerful Shock Gloves that he had created to appropriately electrocute his opponents to death. When he felt like being sadistic, Lester would send his victims into cardiac arrest, only to mockingly defibulate them and kill them once more.

Two years after the appearance of Batman, Lester was contracted by "Black Mask" along with seven other rouges to take part in Christmas Eve competition for $50,000,000. The objective was to kill Batman, thus gain fame for proving that he existed and for being the one to kill him.

After failing, he attended a meeting with the other assassins, and learned that Black Mask was being impersonated by The Joker. He was promptly murdered by Joker, who felt he had nothing more to contribute.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

Lester Buchinsky lost in an underground pit fight and later created electrical Shock Gloves to take out anyone, having grown tired of losing. Calling himself The Electrocutioner, Lester had outstanding warrants for 16 counts of murder, 3 in the first degree, and 13 in the second degree, as well as 12 counts of assault, 16 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and 8 counts of aggravated assault. Lester also had at least one count each of aggravated assault with a weapon, theft from a motor vehicle, suspected criminal murder, and was suspected of several unsolved murders that were backlogged at the GCPD Building, with them also considering doing a wiretap on him, and knew that his gloating personality would make it easy to pin him if such was the case.

Arkham Origins Incident[]

"You just saved me a lot of trouble coming here, Bat-Man."

Lester Buchinsky, a.k.a. The Electrocutioner, was one of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask to kill Batman for fifty million dollars on Christmas Eve. Electrocutioner was seen on the video feed, as he shocked a Black Mask Gang member with his Shock Gloves who delivered the envelope with the fifty million dollar bounty.

Buchinsky first appeared in the Fighting Pit on Penguin's ship, the Final Offer, as he prepared to confront Batman, who came to find Penguin. As they exchanged words, Batman instantly K.O.'d him with a kick to the face. After he defeated more of Penguin's Henchmen, Batman left the arena as he couldn't find Buchinsky of any use. Some time later, Buchinsky recovered, and sent a message to Batman through Tracey Buxton, who claimed that he would be back. Batman contacted Alfred to isolate the signal of the Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves to track down him down.

Later, at the Royal Hotel, Lester was called to a meeting along with the other assassins by Joker at the Penthouse, which was 30 floors up. Batman followed the electromagnetic pulses of his Shock Gloves to the Penthouse where the remaining assassins were meeting with the Joker. At the meeting, after having his cell phone video game interrupted, Electrocutioner asked who the Joker was, and was unaware of his usurpation of Black Mask's identity. As a result of his rudeness and arrogance, and the fact that he was unsuccessful and incapable of killing Batman, Joker kicked Buchinsky out the window to his death 30 floors below, and he crashed into a chandelier in the Hotel Lobby by the Security Room which instantly killed him. Batman recovered Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves from his corpse and used them to charge the lift to get him up to the ceiling in order to reach the Penthouse. Lester was 24 at his time of death.

Sometime after this incident, Batman proceeded to appropriate Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves for his own use (adding an electric charge to his punches and as a makeshift defibrillator on Alfred). The gloves were later given to the GCPD, for the Evidence Room.

After Arkham City Incident[]

Buchinsky's prototype gears were recovered and modified by one of his underlings, who took on the Electrocutioner moniker. The new Electrocutioner appeared and attacked Batman not long after his actions at the Monarch Theatre. Though initially getting the upper hand, the new Electrocutioner was soon defeated in one hit, due to his arrogance, a weakness which Batman noted as being no different from "[his] old boss". After Batman left the Electrocutioner behind and departed, the Arkham Knight appeared and murdered him.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

"One pair of shock gloves, belonging to the Lester Buchinskiy AKA the Electrocutioner. Lester was hired by Joker on the night of the Blackgate Riots, and then he killed him. Some loyalty... I heard Batman borrowed these for awhile before turning them in. I guess he likes to beat up punks the old fashioned way."
—Aaron Cash's audio file on the shock gloves

At the GCPD Lockup, Buchinsky's Shock Gloves were seen in a display case in the Evidence Room since Batman used them and Aaron Cash mentioned that Buchinsky was hired by Joker, who killed him during the night of the Blackgate Riots.

Psychological Profile[]


Real Name: Lester Buchinsky

GCPD Profile[]

Lester Buchinsky got a name for himself in Gotham's underground boxing circuit. Well known for mixed-metaphor putdowns and his colorful personality, Buchinsky was a winner as often as he was a loser. After a streak of losses, Buchinsky gave up fighting fair and equipped himself with some custom fighting gloves to improve the odds - customized electroshock gauntlets that can channel a large and sustained electrical charge when placed in direct contact with anything or anyone.

Rumors circulate of Buchinsky's alleged involvement with several unsolved murders, cased currently in backlog. Buchinsky's braggart nature could mean his worth when considering a wiretap or undercover operation to secure a confession.

Batman's Database Profile[]

More brawn than brains is the initial assessment of Buchinsky, but he has been able to create some kind of custom-made weaponized gloves that pack a powerful electrical discharge. Their craftsmanship suggests there is more going on between his ears than the sound of his own boasting, though he may have had help constructing them - perhaps even had them made by someone else. His arrogance and overconfidence are his weakness.


  • Street tough out to make a name for himself.
  • Had surprising skill in electrical engineering.
  • Big mouth.


  • Electroshock gauntlets.
  • Heavily armored.
  • Intricate wiring.


  • "You just saved me a lot of trouble coming here, Bat-Man."
  • "I'm-a kill you. Then, I'm-a jump start your heart - and kill you again!"
  • "ARE YOU READY?" (Penguin's men and Tracey in the Boiler Deck Fighting Pit)
  • "I ain't here to talk. I'm here to kick your ass."
  • "Black Mask must be outta his mind to put up fifty-million for your head."
  • "This fight'll be two hits; Me hittin' you, and you hitting 50,000 volts."
  • "Name yourself after an animal, and you're gonna get eaten."
  • "Just think of me as a bat zapper. Now, come to the light."
  • "You're about to be taught a lesson in pain."
  • "I know. Intimidating, ain't I?"
  • "Shocking, isn't it, Batman?"
  • "Just who the hell-are you?" (Joker)


  • The scar on the left side of Electrocutioner's face was a Lichtenberg figure, which suggested that he had electrocuted himself with the Shock Gloves at one point. Coupled with his arrogance and his past as a pit fighter, it was likely that Electrocutioner did not make the Shock Gloves himself.
  • Unlike in the comics, where Electrocutioner wore a black and orange costume, he instead wore a metallic armored suit instead. He also didn't wear a mask, which would have been useful to protect his face and prevent him from being easily defeated by Batman.
  • Electrocutioner was the only assassin to die in the main story of Origins. He was also the only assassin to not have a true boss battle with Batman.
  • Electrocutioner was one of the few characters to not have a profile in Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • Even after the events of the game, Electrocutioner's corpse remained at the Royal Hotel in the Hotel Lobby by the Security Room.
  • Electrocutioner is the only assassin in Arkham Origins who doesn't have a Game Over scene. His Game Over scene was available only in the game for Android and recycled one of his in-story lines instead of using a newly recorded piece of dialogue.
  • During his fight, if the Quickfire Explosive Gel is used on him, the animation of Batman kicking him in the face will play, ending the fight.
  • As he has no programmed attacks, Lester cannot defeat Batman. Therfore cannot lose the fight against him nor will the fight end until Batman kicks him.


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