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Elseworlds are alternate realities in the Multiverse, discovered by the inhabitants of Earth-1 after they were invaded by Brainiac.

Individuals such as Lex Luthor and The Joker hail from these alternate universes. In an effort to defeat Brainiac, members of the Suicide Squad will venture into these Elseworlds and kill the alternate bodies of the alien.


  • Multiverse counterparts will share DNA, fingerprints and even similar facial structures, though they can have a major difference between them.
    • Despite having identical DNA, Deadshot is black on Earth-1, while Earth-2's Deadshot is white.
    • Joker is younger and a team player on his Earth, but Earth-1 Joker was an uncaring psychopath who hated sharing.
    • Captain Boomerang is a male on Earth-1, but his Earth-2 counterpart is Lady Boomerang.
    • Earth-1 Lex Luthor is arrogant and naturally bald; meanwhile Lex-2 is more affable and has hair, although he later shaves his head when assuming the former's identity.