Elvis Jones
BAC Elvis Jones
Biographical information
Full Name Elvis Jones
Occupation Undercover Police Officer
Base of Operations Gotham City, Arkham City- Museum, GCPD
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Game Information
Voice Actor Joe Holt
First Appearance Batman Arkham City

(October 2011)

Officer Elvis Jones first appeared in Rocksteady Game's Batman: Arkham City in October 2011.


Elvis Jones is an officer in the Gotham City Police Department and a member of the volunteer strike team operation undercover in Arkham City.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham City Incident

Arkham City Incident

Elvis Jones volunteered to join the strike team operating undercover in Arkham City. He and the other nine members of the team attempted to infiltrated Penguin's gang. Unfortunately, the team was uncovered and taken hostage, where they were subjected to random beatings and torture inside the Museum, specifically the Iceberg Lounge.

Upon entering the museum, Batman encounters Officer Elvis Jones, receiving a beating at the hands of some of Penguin's men. Batman quickly takes out the group, and Elvis explains that the rest of the team has been taken deeper into the building. When Batman continues through the building, Jones remains in the first room. In the Iceberg Lounge, Jones and his men are hold in the lounge after Two-Face's thugs took over the museum. Jones was using one of the radios Penguin's men were using to contact Batman to tell him they found something from Penguin's stash. Before Batman arrives, Jones tells him about a chip that detonates mines so he gave it to Batman and put it in the Distuptor as a mine detonator.

After Arkham City Incident

Arkham Knight Incident


  • "It's Jones, Batman. Elvis Jones."


  • Could be an allusion to the character "Batman Jones" from the Golden Age.