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Experience Points allow Batman to purchase upgrades. They appear in all four of the main Batman: Arkham games. The amount of XP the player earned is shown on the screen after the player earns it.

The amount of XP is shown in a small bar above the health bar in City, Origins and Knight, and as a small line around Batmans health ring in Asylum. Once the bar is filled, the player levels up, and earns an upgrade point, which can then be used to purchase any available upgrade. In Arkham Origins, as the player levels up, the game shows a small blue effect on the screen.

Earning Ways[]

All Games[]

Arkham Origins/Knight Only[]

  • Completing Challenge mode medals (Arkham Origins/Knight only) each medal is worth 5 000, so completing a challenge with all three medals earns the player 15 000 points. Combat training challenges give less points than other challenges. The player doesn't need to play as Batman; completing medals with Deathstroke or Bruce Wayne also gives points. If all medals are earned from a challenge, it won't give any more points if completed again. In Arkham Knight, completing all three stars from a challenge the first time gives Batman one Upgrade point.
  • Completing The Dark Knight challenges. (Arkham Origins only)
  • Completing side missions in Arkham Knight gives varying amounts of upgrade points.
  • Talking to Alfred in the Batcave (Arkham Origins only)

Batcave Glitch:[]

Be careful when purchasing Upgrades in the Batcave in Origins; The game often doesn't save it, and after fast traveling the upgrade point(s) will be returned to the player and the upgrade(s) the player bought need to be purchased again. This is mostly just a minor annoyance. The glitch also appears to some degree in Arkham Knight, as the autosave system requires the player either to complete a (side) mission or enter an interior that has it's own map to save.