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The Final Offer is a large ship owned by Penguin. It was stationed at Amusement Mile during Batman: Arkham Origins. The ship's whereabouts after the incident was unknown.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Penguin bought the Final Offer from a band of Somali Pirates "for a song" when they were going to sell it for scrap.

Arkham Origins Incident

The ship was anchored at Old Gotham, more specifically, at Amusement Mile. Penguin had added on the ship, a Casino, a Fighting Pit, and Sales Floors with weapons and ammunition. Also, the Fighting Pit was where Batman fought against and defeated both Electrocutioner and Deathstroke.



  • The ship's original name, The Olivia B. Meredith, was a tribute to Burgess Meredith, the man who played the Penguin in Batman (1960's show) before his passing.
  • The Final Offer had 2 Challenge Maps: No Money Down (Predator) and 1 to 100 (Combat).
  • The Theater had a huge hole in the ceiling, but it could not be seen from the outside. That was most likely a developer oversight.
  • The Final Offer was mentioned by Deathstroke during the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, addressing the ship as "that cruise ship" when reminiscing about his first fight with Batman.
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