Fiona Wilson
Fiona Wilson
Biographical information
Full Name Fiona Wilson
Occupation Interning Nurse
Base of Operations Gotham City
Affiliations Gotham General
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Game Information
Voice Actor Misty Dini
First Appearance Batman: Arkham City

Fiona Wilson is an Interning nurse who worked at Gotham General Hospital and who appeared in Batman: Arkham City.

Incident Reports

Arkham City Incident

Fiona Wilson was drugged and kidnapped from the Gotham General Hospital that she was interning at and taken into Arkham City by the Joker Gang with the assumption that she could cure the Joker. When it was realized that she could not, some of Joker's Henchmen held her hostage in Wonder City. Batman rescued her, and after he took her to a safe location, asked her how she got there, in which she replied that she didn't know how and was surprised to learn that she was in Arkham City. She then asked Batman if it was wrong to feel that the Joker deserved to die for all he had done. Batman only told her to remain where she was.

Batman later returned during the commencement of Protocol 10. Fiona informed him that TYGER guards came into the room below and started killing all of Joker's thugs. Batman remarked that Hugo Strange was covering his tracks as he was secretly providing weapons to the gangs.

After the Joker's death, she was able to leave Arkham City.

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