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"You wanna see what a real hero can do?. I'll show you."
—Flash to Task Force X

Barry Allen is a speedster and superhero known as The Flash. In his secret identity he is a police officer working in Central City as a forensics specialist. Using his superspeed powers, he taps into the Speed Force, an enigmatic source of energy that all other speedsters tap into throughout time. He is a founding member of the Justice League.

Incident Reports

Arkham City Incident

Hugo Strange mentions Protocol 10's Phase 2 would wipe out the enemies of Superman and the Flash.

Arkham Knight Incident

In a Hardwick Tours poster advertising "Run to Keystone", a red streak can be seen traveling in the street, assumed to be the Flash.

Thugs mention that Gotham City was better than Keystone City because "at least [the criminals] can see Batman coming", which indirectly references the Flash and his famous superhuman speed. However this most likely isn't canon anymore due to The Flash of Keystone traditionally being Wally West's home.

As part of the next stage of his plans, Scarecrow envisioned infecting the Flash with his Cloudburst fear gas and unleashing him on Central City.

Before Kill the Justice League Incident

Flash became a member of the Justice League alongside Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Flash had risen to national prominence after he fought Gorilla Grodd with Superman and saving dozens of lives in Central City.

At some point he was also known to have captured Captain Boomerang, leading to Boomerang's imprisonment in Arkham Asylum.

When Brainiac arrived to Earth, The Flash (alongside the rest of the Justice League) traveled to his Skull Ship to figure out what his intentions were. The League were skeptical but kept an open mind thanks to Superman's insistence. However, this turned out to be a trap, which ended up in Green Lantern and the rest of the League (save for Wonder Woman and The Flash) being brainwashed and mind-controlled by Brainiac. Flash somehow managed to escape the Skull Ship courtesy of his speedster abilities.

Kill the Justice League Incident

When the Suicide Squad are held captive and taken on a tour of Metropolis by the brain-washed Green Lantern, Flash shows up and tries to fix the mind-control. Green Lantern and the Flash disappear as they seemingly engage in a fight.

The pair re-appear after some time and continue their fight. Green Lantern attempts to convince the Flash that he has the wrong idea about Brainiac, insisting he returns to the Skull Ship, but the Flash sees through his lies. Flash tries to get through the mind-control again but fails and almost dies in a direct fight with him and the squad finds him bleeding out on a rooftop of a restaurant. Under Waller's orders the squad is ordered to take the Flash back to Hall of Justice to help ARGUS defeat Brainiac, the Squad decides to take the Flash into The Batman Experience museum to hide from the invaders but unknown to them Batman had track the squad. During a quick exchange Boomerang cuts Flash's finger off causing Flash to bleeding out more. As the squad realizes Batman is now mind controlled and picks up a pistol to kill the squad, Flash manages to get up with all of his remaining strength and saves the squad by pushing the bullets away but Batman brutally punches the Flash almost killing him but moments later takes him back to the skull ship for Brainiac to mind control the Flash.

Hours later Deadshot finds the Flash after locating Lex Luthor a few blocks away which causes everyone at first to be surprised that he was alive after his encounters with Green Lantern and Batman. The Squad realizes that he is mow brain-washed after he starts to torture Luthor for fun and the Flash going after the squad after Deadshot and Harley Quinn both failing to shoot the Flash, Flash kidnaps Lex Luthor and eventually kills him by pulling his heart out. Boomerang mocks Flash as Flash has become everything he was against and said that he wasn't a hero with Flash replying "You wanna see what a real hero can do?, I'll show you" going super speed and getting ready to kill the squad before Wonder Woman shows up and uses the truth of lasso on Flash to figure out how to stop the invasion with Flash briefly snapping from mind control and telling Diana that in order to save the world the Justice League has to be killed. He escapes and roams Metropolis causing terror and havoc while the squad prepares on how to defeat him.

Boomerang live streams where the squad is and mocks the Flash on National TV which gathers the attention of the Flash causing the squad to fight the Flash. After a lengthy battle, The Flash is killed by the Suicide Squad and mocked by his long-time enemy and rival, Captain Boomerang.


Captain Boomerang

All you need to know about Flasher is that he’s a shiny red beacon bastard to every high school sports captain who ever thought they were better than m – you. You’re just makin’ a livin’ as a hard workin’ rebel, an’ then this guy shows up, throwin’ his weight around, callin’ himself the fastest, the funniest, the best.

Who asked, mate?! If he was any more full of himself, he’d have little Flashies drippin’ off his nose-hairs.  

From the Files of Lex Luthor

This Earth has been trained, like a planet of stupid dogs, to see unimaginable power and reduce it to a party trick, cheering for the living weapons who at any time can turn on them.

When one brings up the Flash, it’s all smiles. How fast can he go? Can he run faster than Superman? Carefully, we avoid what happens when he trips, and hits a school bus at Mach 2, or moves with such impossible speed that it tears a hole in the fabric of time itself.

My deeper concern, though, takes on a different form. In the public eye, the Flash is a media darling, a jokester with a youthful spirit who never fails to break the stony seriousness with a well-timed quip.

But think about it. Think about what’s behind the smile, and consider that the Flash lives every day in a prison of his own design. To live a normal life, he must restrain every part of himself. Imagine how slowly the world must seem to him, every second interminable. Imagine how our voices must be a bass in ears used to parsing meaning from aural blips, and how even the world’s greatest novels offer barely a moment’s respite from a billion chaotic impulses coursing through a too-hungry brain.

The Flash’s cognition makes it clear that his speed isn’t purely physical, but mental, too. He smiles, kids around, but all that pent up frustration, all of the ways he’s held himself back to fit in with our world, all of the humanity that have anchored him to our timeline - it’s now been unleashed. Don’t blink.


  • Super-Speed: Flash can move faster than the speed of Light
  • Limited Electrokinesis: Flash can charge up Lightning to throw as projectiles.
  • Abilities from Speed: Flash can run through time, objects, dimensions and has many more abilities.
  • Super-Healing: Flash can heal at excessive speeds.


  • Flash Suit: Barry Allen uses his suit to protect himself and hide his identity.


  • Cold Temperatures: Flash is harmed by extremely cold temperatures as they mess with his molecules.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

"What did you think would happen? You'd crawl out of your cells, swoop in, save the day?"
—Flash to Task Force X

Game Over Lines

  • Everybody say "Bye bye" to Boomerang, now.
  • You're not coming back from this, Boomerang.
  • Oh oh ooh! I should get a pic of this for Bruce!
  • Quick: what do you call a sidekick without a head?
  • Good fish. STAY.
  • Should've picked better friends, Shark.
  • Deadshot... is about to die!
  • Guess you could say I assassinated the assassin!



  • Scott Porter had previously voiced the Flash in the Harley Quinn animated series.
  • The Earth-2 version of the Flash seen on a billboard is seemingly inspired by Wally West.
  • Flash is very close to Green Lantern as audio logs show and when Flash is killed, Green Lantern mentions how close they were.
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