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Flying Grayson is a Combat A.R Challenge map in Batman: Arkham Knight. It is located inside an abandoned bar on the militia headquaters. It consists of unlimited waves of Thug-themed regular enemies, brutes, medics and several firearms. It is part of the Crimefighter Challenge Map Pack #2.

The default playable character is Nightwing.


Shared with all characters[]

  • 20,000 points
  • 40,000 points
  • 60,000 points


  • While the enemies themselves might be easier than those in Teen Titan for example, they eventually start spawning with firearms, and can easily overwhelm the player, especially if the character has no access to the Disarm and Destroy move. Even if they do, more firearms will simply spawn in later.


  • The name of the map is a reference to the Flying Graysons, which was the acrobatic family at Haly's Circus that Dick Grayson formerly belonged to before they were murdered by mobster Tony Zucco.