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Founders' Island is one of three islands in Central Gotham City, that was seen only in Batman: Arkham Knight. It served as the Militia's stronghold through most of the game.



Founders' Island, as seen on the map.

Founders' Island is one of the three islands of central Gotham City. It's located southwest of Bleake Island and northwest of Miagani Island.

Originally, the island consisted of Otisburg, Drescher, and Port Adams. However, as time passed, the buildings started to weaken, and the city decided to build over the old parts of the island, planning to move Gotham's major businesses to the new buildings. During the Arkham Knight incident, the island is under heavy reconstruction. All of the new buildings on the "upper streets" appear to be commercial skyscrapers and upscale condominiums.

Additionally, one of Gotham City's major ports is located on the island. Port Adams is the largest port in the city, and holds the entrance to a future subway line.


As of the Arkham Knight incident, Founders' Island is in the process of heavy reconstruction. The upper side of Founders' Island is consists of mostly unfinished skyscrapers, lit with multi-colored lights and peppered with construction equipment. The architecture style is more modern than the rest of Gotham, bordering on futuristic.

In sharp contrast, the underside of the island is dilapidated and dirty, filled with condemned and crumbling buildings. The architecture style of the old Founders' Island more closely matches the gothic aesthetic throughout Gotham.


Founders' Island consists of four districts:

  • Drescher: An old district of the former Founders' Island which lies in ruins underneath Ryker Heights, and comprises mainly of crumbling and abandoned buildings. Major locations include:
  • Otisburg: An old district of the former Founders' Island which, just like Drescher, also lies in ruins underneath Ryker Heights. Major locations include:
  • Ryker Heights: The new central business district of Gotham City, the area is a large commercial center with many office buildings under construction. Major locations include:
    • LexCorp building (under construction);
    • Queen Industries (under construction);
    • Wayne International Plaza (completed);
    • Urbarail Station (under construction);
    • Ryker Heights Station (under construction);
    • GothCorp building (under construction);
    • Bruford Tower (under construction);
    • Gotham Stock Exchange;
    • Cale-Anderson Pharmaceutical Building (under construction);
    • Cityvision Construction Building (under construction);
    • AmerTek building (under construction);
    • Logerquist Towers (under construction).
  • Port Adams: The major, enclosed port of Gotham City. The entrance to the under-construction underground subway is located there. Major locations include:
    • New subway system entrance.


  • The name "Otisburg" was most likely taken from the 1978 Superman film; one of the most famous quotes was "Otisburg? OTISburg??"
    • Although there's a neighborhood called "Otisburg" on the Gotham City map from the "No Man's Land" comic.