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Fragile Alliance was a Gotham's Most-Wanted Side Mission in Batman: Arkham City.



Bane was found at Krank co. Toys in Amusement Mile, south of the old GCPD Building. Batman agreed to work with Bane to find the remaining Titan Containers in Arkham City.

After he destroyed his share of the Titan Containers, Batman returned to find Bane assailed by a number of enemies that demanded Bane's Titan. The two worked together to defeat the enemies, before Bane revealed that he did not destroy the Titan, but kept it for himself. Bane attacked Batman, but was trapped in an elevator, and Batman destroyed Bane's six remaining Titan Containers with his Explosive Gel.

Differences during mission[]

Surprisingly, there is a lot of possible hidden dialogue that plays out depending on player actions.

  • If Batman completed the Penguin part of the story, he will mention that he is aware that Joker sent out the TITAN as Penguin had his own TITAN guards.
  • If Batman did not destroy any containers prior to meeting Bane, he will agree without mentioning it.
  • If Batman did destroy a container, he will mention this.
    • If Batman destroys a container before meeting Bane, he will express surprise to TITAN's presence in Arkham City.
  • If Batman destroyed many containers, he will say that he is ahead of him and he will take out whatever is left.
  • The enemies that charge into the building differs depending on game progress.
    • If Batman completes before or during Protocol 10, TYGER guards will arrive to confiscate the TITAN.
    • If Batman completes after the Main Story, Joker thugs will arrive to steal the TITAN.


During the fight against the enemies, one must stay far away from Bane as he can hit the player accidentally and could kill them. Instead, stay on one side of the room to avoid taking damage by Bane.


  • Many players have noted that Bane, who's always shown to have extreme strength, somehow cannot escape his imprisonment by bending the bars he's behind. This is presumably an oversight, but as of Batman: Arkham Origins, it shows how much Bane's intelligence has fallen.