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Freeflow Focus is an ability available for all playable characters, introduced in Batman: Arkham City. While the Combo meter is full (after eight or five multipliers are added), if the player continues using non-Special Combo moves to add more multipliers, once a total of at least twelve multipliers are added, the character enters Freeflow Focus. During Freeflow Focus, the character's movements are much faster, allowing more room for error and more time for reacting. Attacks during Freeflow Focus are also much more powerful at inflicting damage.

Freeflow Focus requires upgrades in City, Origins and Knight. In Knight, an upgrade for Freeflow Focus Mk II is also available, allowing 3 multipliers per Critical Strike rather than the usual 2, similarly to when the Shock Gloves are activated in Origins.

If you use any Special Combo moves, Freeflow Focus will end until you reach it again.

Freeflow Focus Power Gadget[]

If Batman uses a gadget during Freeflow Focus, the effect of the gadget will be amplified and Freeflow Focus will end. This so-called Freeflow Focus Power Gadget ability requires an extra upgrade. It was replaced by the Special Combo Gadget ability in Knight.

Freeflow Focus Batarang[]

Batman will unleash 3 simultaneous Combo Batarangs, unlike his regular one Batarang at a time.

Freeflow Focus Batclaw[]

The Batclaw itself doesn't do anything different, but a follow-up Batclaw Slam will be much more powerful, sending a shock wave that pushes nearby enemies away.

Freeflow Focus Explosive Gel[]

The blast range of Explosive Gel is much larger, and enemies are stunned for longer.

Freeflow Focus Remote Electrical Charge[]

The REC will shock multiple enemies at once rather than just one.

Freeflow Focus Freeze Blast[]

The Freeze Blast will freeze multiple enemies at once rather than just one.