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Freight train is a DLC Challenge Map in Batman Arkham city.

It is a unique combat challenge map that takes place aboard a freight train and is different from the other maps by being a 2.5D map that plays similarly to Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate. It has four rounds that each takes place on a different section of the train. and it also has Black mask and Mr. Hammer in the fourth round. then once all rounds are complete, The player has to destroy the train's control box.


  • 8000
  • 16000
  • 32000


  • Black Mask works like a normal thug in this challenge except that he can be only defeated by a Beat Down, any takedowns will be countered by him.
  • It is the only map on a moving vehicle and a 2.5D one.
    • If a modder were to take the camera outside of the map, they would find that the train doesn't move, only the background does.