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Friend in Need is a Gotham's Most Wanted mission in Batman: Arkham Knight. It serves as a sequel to the mission Identity Theft from Batman: Arkham City.


Alfred mentions that he has been unable to reach Lucius at Wayne International Plaza for quite some time, leading Batman to investigate. He however needs to take the elevator in the parking garage, as the blast doors on the top remain shut.


Batman enters the elevator, and presses the button for top floor, and the screen fades black. A man who looks strikingly like Bruce Wayne exits the elevator. The secretary, Clara Saberton, notices his arrival and expresses surprise as she thought Wayne had evacuated from Gotham earlier, with him telling her that it will be over soon. He enters the office, and walks to the computer, which he tries to use, but is denied by the optical scanner. Lucius Fox enters the office, asking if something was wrong, as he didn't expect his boss to come back that evening. The man grabs Lucius, opens the computer using his optical signature, and shoots a warning shot at the secretary, who quickly closes the door and hides in a corner.

As the man starts transferring funds from the computer, the camera backs up and shows Batman watching the security feed from this hand communicator. As Batman steps out of the elevator, the various monitors show an image of the fake Bruce holding Lucius at gunpoint and proceeding to invite Batman to join the party, before casually threatening that Wayne Enterprises "will need a new CEO" if The Dark Knight should do anything stupid. Batman then contacts Alfred and tells him that he's at Wayne Tower, there had been an intruder earlier that evening, and that the intruder had taken Lucius hostage. Alfred expresses shock and asks for the intruder's identity. Batman then reveals it was the identity thief he had encountered earlier, Thomas Elliot. Alfred was shocked to learn that Thomas was responsible, as he and Bruce Wayne had been close as children.

Batman then states that in a way they still were, as he had reconstructed his face via grafts from his victims to make himself a duplicate of Bruce Wayne. Alfred asks why Thomas would do such a thing, with Batman stating that Thomas indicated that it was a personal reason, and he's going to find out why. Alfred then told him not to do anything he might regret later before signing off. Saberton is cowering in the corner and begs Batman to do something as "Bruce" had apparently gone crazy and taken Lucius, fearing he's planning to kill him. He then enters the office where he finds that the fake Bruce is Thomas Elliot aka Hush aka the Identity Thief, holding Lucius hostage. Hush demands that Batman brings him Wayne, or he will take down Wayne's company and tower. The two talk, and Batman realizes that it was Thomas who had caused the car accident that killed his father and seriously injured his mother, in hopes of getting hold of the family fortune, but being denied it as Thomas Wayne had managed to save his mother.

Batman then unmasks himself, and confuses Thomas with the revelation. Batman manages to disarm Hush just before he takes a shot at him, and he and Lucius manage to knock him out, the latter smashing Thomas Wayne's decanter at Thomas while he was stunned, badly damaging his face as a result, but the method of knocking him out broke the desk in the progress. If the story is not beaten, Batman tells Lucius to lock Elliot in the vault, as they cannot bring him to the GCPD without revealing his secret identity.



Batman- Arkham Knight - Friend in Need (Hush)


  • When Batman walks into his office, the camera focuses on him from the chessboard at the end of the room, primarily shown the black horse piece. He symbolizes The Dark Knight title.
  • Even if done after City of Fear is completed, Batman will still not take Elliot to GCPD, even though everyone (there) knows his secret. However, the discussion between Bruce and Lucius changes.
    • Batman notes that Lucius and his P.A. weren't watching the news; as by the end of the game, everyone knew he was Bruce Wayne.
  • The side mission was foreshadowed earlier when picking up the Batmobile sonar for detecting Poison Ivy's plant. When arriving at Wayne Enterprises, Batman requests that Lucius Fox let him in, with Lucius Fox apologizing and stating that he thought Batman had already arrived due to the security scanners picking him up a few moments ago, and decided to get them checked out due to it potentially being a glitch, hinting that the security scanners had actually picked up Hush.
  • The P.A.'s office space is in disarray. However, no struggle happened here.
    • The P.A.'s office also has a plaque next to a model of Wayne International Plaza with the names of Senior Environment Artist Edward Noble for the architecture and Environment Artist Martin Teichmann for the model.