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GCPD Lockdown is a downloadable story pack that takes place after Batman: Arkham Knight which shows Nightwing as he prevents Penguin from escaping GCPD. It is part of the Arkham Episodes.


Some time has passed since the events of Arkham Knight, the criminals have been locked up, the Bat-Signal smashed and Batman gone. Penguin is trying to break out with the help of his gang. With Lucius at the comms, Nightwing has to take Penguin and put him back in the GCPD.



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Release date

  • September 29th, 2015


  • It is revealed that Tim and Barbara are on their honeymoon on an island retreat. Thus, this Arkham Episode takes place after Catwoman's Revenge, yet before A Flip of a Coin.
    • It's implied that the island retreat was a gift from Bruce, who could easily pay for it.
  • Bruce had a self-destruct mechanism put into the Bat-Signal by Lucius for the Knightfall Protocol.
    • Lucius didn't know why until then, having learned when not to question Batman. 
  • Currently, Red Hood is thought to be the protector of Gotham City as Robin is on his honeymoon and Nightwing takes care of Blüdhaven. Although the Demon-Bat last seen in the epilogue of Arkham Knight could also be protecting Gotham.
  • Lucius Fox now owns Wayne Enterprises and throws parties that are "off the chain".
    • Although he could be exaggerating as a joke to Nightwing.
  • Aaron Cash offered to repair the still broken Bat Symbol and change the logo to Nightwings so they can call him when they need him, but Nightwing turned down the offer, saying this isn't permanent. Bludhaven is his protectorate.
  • Some henchman dialogue will mention that some consider Nightwing to be Batman's replacement.
  • Tiny, or a similar shark, is seen in an aquarium. This means that either the dead shark on the docks is a different shark, or Penguin simply got another as a replacement.
  • Pictures of Two-Face and Harley Quinn can be seen around the desks in the offices once in the GCPD as well as a mention of Killer Croc under the name 'Waylon Jones' on the prisoner transfer list on some stalls in the offices.
  • This is the first Arkham series installment to take place during the daytime, with A Flip of a Coin arguably being the next one. To offset this, the map for the GCPD building is depicted as overcast.
  • At one point, Nightwing drops a suffix from a word (ie, saying "tractable" instead of "intractable" in reference to the Penguin thugs). This is a reference to his characterization in Young Justice, where he often used "unwords" for various situations.
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