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Gang Henchmen service as your gang's combatants during Missions in Batman: Arkham Underworld. Like Super Villains, each henchmen possess their own strengths and weaknesses. They also have their own individual behaviours, so think carefully about where and when you are going to use them before starting a Mission. If your henchmen die in battle or are knocked unconscious, you can hire more at your hideout's garage at the cost of some Respect. You can also level up your henchmen after building a gym in your hideout, but it will again cost you some Respect.

List of henchmen[]


The henchmen you start off with. They are armed and can gun down enemies from afar, but they best work behind cover to shield themselves with in a fight.


Disposable and cheap. Punks cost the least amount of Respect to hire compared to all the other henchmen. They have no guns and run into battle branching melee weapons. Punks prefer to fight any enemies nearby.


Tanks are strong and heavily armored. They can usually soak up alot of gunfire with only receiving minor damage. Tanks are armed with large sledgehammers and riot shields.


Breakers wield baseball bats and can cause triple damage to objects. They tend to ignore enemies.


Demomen wear blast armor and are armed with explosives. They're great at destroying tougher objects but prefer to fight enemies first.


Unlike other henchmen, Assassins can enter buildings through windows. They wield long swords and usually won't break any objects until all enemies in the area are dead.