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Gilda Dent (née Gold), was the wife of Harvey Dent, former district attorney of Gotham City.

Incident Reports[]

After a few years of marriage, the couple tried to have children, but their efforts were in vain. Eventually, Gilda learned of Harvey's childhood and the abusive relationship with his father, which caused her to resent Harvey's father for the damage caused to his son.


Sometime later Gilda and Harvey's marriage started to deteriorate as she wanted to settle down and conceive a child while he was persistent on capturing most of Gotham Organized Crime. Shortly aftewards, a serial killer called Holiday began murdering several prominent gangsters.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Gilda started the Holiday crimes, having committed all of the murders up until New Year's Eve, using evidence from Harvey's cases. Gilda assumed that Harvey attempted to assassinate Alberto Falcone on New Year's Eve, taking her place as Holiday, and that he was the one responsible for the crimes from that point on. However, Alberto did not die on New Year's and confessed to all the Holiday murders upon his capture. After the events that ended up with Harvey transforming into Two-Face, Gilda destroyed the evidence of her crimes and left Gotham City.

While everyone was convinced Alberto was Holiday, the Calendar Man suspected otherwise and believed the real Holiday could have been female. This theory was dismissed by an enraged Two-Face, hinting that perhaps Dent knew the truth about Gilda.


Batman: Arkham Knight[]


  • Gilda Kent (later renamed Gilda Dent) first appeared in Earth-Two continuity in Detective Comics #66 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. She was introduced as in Post-Crisis New Earth continuity in Secret Origins Special (Volume 2) #1 by Mark Verheiden and Pat Broderick.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, Gilda is briefly mentioned by Hugo Strange during his many interview sessions with Two-Face.