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Gizmo is a brilliant inventor and weapons manufacturer who creates gadgets and deadly devices out of seemingly innocuous objects.


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

Gizmo, a name he chose himself, is a glorified mechanic who appears to have split his intellectual capacity with a gerbil. Despite being part of a task force assembled to stem the apocalypse, this diminutive man possesses seemingly no worthwhile scientific knowledge whatsoever. Instead, he makes haphazardly constructed vehicles roughly comparable to cars. Little wonder his career was mostly spent antagonizing errant teenagers, crashing into walls and making ill-advised investments (see “LexCorp short-selling scheme”).

Though Waller’s chaotic hiring practices are largely proving themselves out, I remain hesitant to extend any trust to Gizmo. If she intends to send her squad out in this lunatic’s vehicles, it isn’t the neck bombs they should fear.  


He is a man of very short stature, wearing dirty workshop clothes alongside a pair of goggles. He is also seen sporting a jetpack which helps him move with ease as well as reach tall surfaces.


Gizmo has a level of skill with machinery that lets him do genius creations out of the most mundane of materials.


  • Although better known to be a nemesis of the Teen Titans as well as a recurring and founding member of the Fearsome Five it is unclear whether either of these groups exist in the Arkhamverse.
  • He was chosen over Riddler, due to the fact Riddler is untrustworthy with technology; even under the threat of having his head blown up.
  • Given all his inventions explode, Batman was right to call anything made by Gizmo as "shoddy workmanship".
  • Gizmo has a massive crush on Waller.

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