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GothCorp in Cold, Cold Heart.

GothCorp is a company formerly owned and run by CEO, Ferris Boyle. GothCorp was titled "The People Company" and was devoted to helping humanity for anything, whether it was for a new food supply, a new way of living, or for preparing humanity for the colonization of Mars. They secretly ran a cryogenic weapons program.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

The GothCorp building was located in the Diamond District. However, at the time, there was no logo of the company seen on the walls, and the large statue holding the pipe as seen above was absent.


Cold, Cold Heart Incident[]

The building was the main location of the DLC. Dr. Pamela Isley's (Poison Ivy) ID badge could be found on the front desk of the GothCorp building. There were even Queen Industries and LexCorp logos around the building. The events of the accident were very similar to the one told in Batman: Arkham City, but the main difference was that Victor Fries' transformation into Mr. Freeze was caused by a chamber of chemicals that exploded, which was damaged during the struggle. Fries saw a security guard who was also affected by the chemicals try to exit the room, which resulted in his death due to heat stroke. Fries built a prototype suit from the scrap he scavenged from his lab, and was able to exit his lab. Mr. Freeze made a deal with the Penguin, and used his henchmen to capture Ferris Boyle, so he would give him the access code so that he could reunite with his wife, Nora. As the group got closer to the location of Nora, Penguin accused Freeze of hiding weapons from him, ended the deal, and told his henchmen to attack Freeze, who, in retaliation, defended himself with his Freeze Gun. Freeze froze the Penguin into a wall of ice, although he told Batman that his threats meant nothing to "a man who has lost everything." Batman had to leave the building to retrieve parts of a powerful cryo-drill to get through the ice, and to get his Extreme Environment Batsuit, but later returned.

After Batman got through the ice, he soon found Freeze in a large room, in which Nora was stored. While he avoided both Penguin's Henchmen and Freeze, Batman managed to overload the three Cryotanks, which caused the room to be filled with cryovapor. Batman was frozen into the ground for a moment, which Freeze used as his advantage to attack the Dark Knight. Batman then defeated Freeze by using stealth and the icy stalagmites hanging from the ceiling. After the struggle, a voice informed Freeze and Batman that Nora's cryostasis was in danger of failing, and as Freeze got to the control panel, Batman attacked him from underneath, which caused Freeze to lose balance. Boyle used that as an advantage: he froze Batman, started to beat Freeze with a piece of pipe from his suit, and planned on keeping him alive just long enough to see Nora die. Batman, however, broke free from the ice, took down Boyle, and saved Nora. After the event, the GCPD entered the building, and arrested Boyle, Freeze, and Penguin.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

The GothCorp logo was featured on top of the GothCorp Building.

Arkham City Incident[]

Mr. Freeze's Interview Tapes recounted the tale of his wife, Nora, who had a fatal illness and little time left to live. Freeze worked for weeks, literally without food or sleep for up to a week at times. Nora began trying to stop Victor's crusade until she agreed to be frozen, after which a tired Fries overslept. His experiment was discovered by his boss, Ferris Boyle, who claimed that everything in Victor's test, including Nora, was legally his, which caused her husband to attack Boyle. Boyle knocked Fries into his cryogenic chemicals and left him to die, after which Victor became Mr. Freeze and planned to murder Boyle and reclaim his wife. While Freeze failed to kill Boyle due to Batman's interference, he thanked the Dark Knight for exposing Boyle and returning him his beloved Nora.

GothCorp was referenced in the Cold, Cold Heart DLC in Batman: Arkham Origins. The DLC was reportedly based on the "Heart of Ice" episode of ''Batman: The Animated Series''.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

A GothCorp Building could be found on Founders' Island, and could be scanned to solve the Riddle: "This cold corporation changed his life forever, curing his wife now a chronic endeavor."

Known Staff[]



  • GothCorp was introduced in ''Batman: The Animated Series'', but was later adapted into the comics.
    • Similarly to the Animated Series, Ferris Boyle referred to it as "The People Company".
  • The telescope shown in the main image resembled the one from the movie, "Batman & Robin", of which Mr. Freeze was one of the main villains along with Poison Ivy and Bane.