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The Gotham Merchant's Bank in the Bowery in Arkham Origins.

The Gotham Merchant's Bank is a bank that was located in the Bowery. It appeared in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

The Bank was first seen when Batman interrogated Ricky Leblanc, an arms dealer who worked for the Penguin. Batman hung Ricky from a perch above the clock, until he got the information that he needed. He then dropped Leblanc straight down into the Christmas Tree, ready to be arrested. Batman investigated the victim that fell from a nearby building at Jezebel Center and identified him as Bryan Murphy. Bryan Murphy was an account manager at the Gotham Merchant's Bank until he was pushed by a con-artist, named Robert Hanes.

The Bank was mentioned again when Batman deduced why The Joker took Black Mask: to access his personal vault inside. Batman went to the Bank, and entered from the roof. The lobby was empty, so Batman went into the vault. There, he encountered the Joker, Roman Sionis, and the Bank Manager. She had been poisoned with Joker's laughing toxin. Joker left with Sionis, and blew up the vault upon his exit. The Bank Manager was dead, and Batman took out the mobsters that were guarding the inside of the Bank and left.

The Bank was last seen when Batman confronted Deadshot. The encounter was set up in a Predator situation. Batman eventually defeated Deadshot, saved the hostage, and left the assassin handcuffed in front of the front desk.

Riddler's Gambit Incident[]

The Bank came to play an integral role in Riddler's plan to challenge the Batman. Four months after the events of the Arkham City crisis, Riddler used the Bank to lure Batman in, with Batman correctly deducing that Riddler wanted to conjure up the memory of Joker and Batman's battles there all those years before.


The Bank was located at the water's edge in the Bowery, right beside the Museum. It was owned by Roman Sionis, the vicious crime lord known as Black Mask. From the front view, there was a large clock and a bell. On Christmas Eve, there was a large Christmas Tree in front of it. The main entrance was located in Jezebel Plaza, while there was also a door on the roof.



  • This was where Batman first met his long-time nemesis, the Joker.
  • This was also where Batman first fought Deadshot.
  • The Bank appears in several chapters of the tie-in novel Batman Arkham Knight: The Riddler's Gambit.
  • A little glitch occurs in Origins. After the main story and Deadshot mission, a dead goon can still be found cramped in a corner near the entrance.