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Graveyard Shift Loading Screen

Graveyard Shift Loading Screen

Graveyard Shift is a DLC Batmobile Combat Challenge Map that is included in the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #5 in Batman: Arkham Knight. This challenge map is set in the graveyard of Divinity Church on Founders' Island. Three zones, which can be viewed both on the physical terrain and mini-map, need to be defended from constant enemy tanks. Once a zone is occupied by five or more tanks for a duration of approximately 5 seconds, or when the Batmobile gets destroyed, the challenge ends.

The default Batmobile is the Arkham Knight Batmobile and cannot be played with DLC Batmobiles due to their lack of the combat function.


  • Defend all three zones for longer than 3:00
  • Defend all three zones for longer than 2:00
  • Defend all three zones for longer than 1:00

Rival Points[]

Complete with 13:00.00 or more on the clock to obtain all 20 Rival Points(RP); one RP is earned for every 30 seconds over 3:00, the 3 star time.

Time Bonuses and Penalties[]

  • The track contains neither bonuses nor penalties.


  • The timer in the challenge maxes out at 99:59.00, making it one of few challenges to have an achievable perfect time.
    • As of December 8th, 2023 there is no recorded evidence of a full run to achieve this time.


  • Enable the Battle Mode Toggle setting in the game options menu. This changes the game so that the Batmobile will go into, and stay in battle mode after a single button press instead of requiring an input to be held down the entire time.
  • The mini-map is a great way to see which zones are in the most danger and should actively be utilized throughout any given run.
  • Playing on Knightmare Difficulty offers no bonus to the player, as the only difference is the damage the tanks do to the Batmobile; unless looking for a self-imposed challenge, the default difficulty is recommended.
  • The graveyard contains trees, gravestones, and fencing that act as a barrier. Whenever comfortable, the player can use the Batmobile's weight to knock these out of the way, making vision and future shots significantly better.
  • It's recommended to play through the story mode until one upgrades the Batmobile with the Weapons Generator MK IV. The Batmobile's health and weapons should also be upgraded to maximum.
  • The Drone Virus is rather useless in this challenge, as even hacked tanks count as enemies if they are in the zones.
  • Try to use the MK IV missile barage to take out up to 10 tanks at once across multiple zones.