Great White Shark
Biographical information
Full Name Warren White
Occupation Professional Criminal
Financier (Formerly)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Physical description
Hair None
Eyes Brown
Height 5ft 11in (1.80m)
Weight 180lbs
Game Information
Voice Actor N/A
First Appearance Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1 (July 2003)
A crooked financier who stole millions of dollars, Warren White thought he'd scored a legal victory when his insanity plea went through. But when he got to Arkham Asylum, he realized his mistake; driven insane by the other inmates, he was also disfigured by an encounter with Mr. Freeze that left him without hair, a nose, ears, or lips. Calling himself the Great White Shark, he filed his teeth into fangs to more perfectly resemble his new namesake. Putting his financial skills to use, he has become a major player in Gotham's underground crime scene, running a number of rackets from his cell in Arkham.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident

During the events on Christmas Eve, Warren White hasn't became criminal. It is presumed that he has not yet committed any crime.

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum Incident

When the asylum was reopened White was placed in Arkham. Later he was attacked by Mr. Freeze and became Great White Shark.

Road to Arkham Incident

Great White Shark was captured by Batman and was taken to Arkham Asylum. Where Warren was under the care of Dr. Young and Dr. Cassidy.

Arkham Asylum Incident

He was not seen directly in the game, however, a jar with his name on it, as well as containing his lips, ears and nose, appears in the morgue. He escaped the island in confusion of the Joker's Takeover along with Maxie ZeusRatcatcherHumpty DumptyCatwomanCalendar ManVentriloquistTweedledum and TweedledeeFireflyKiller Moth, PenguinRiddler and Mr. Freeze.

After Arkham Asylum Incident

After the event at the Asylum, Hugo Strange had Great White Shark moved to Arkham City.

Arkham City Incident

In Arkham City, there is a building with "W White" on it, which most-likely stands for Warren White. It was revealed he survived Protocol 10.

After Arkham City Incident

White isn't mentioned again. The Arkham Knight attempted to kill him in his former building with explosives however this failed.

Arkham Knight Incident

In the G.C.P.D evidence room, Warren White's body parts are on display. Aaron Cash will give a commentary on him.

Psychological Profile

Great White Shark

Real Name: Warren White

Batman's Datebase Profile

Dr. Penelope Young

BIT A GUARD LAST WEEK! Psychological Profile: At best a mild psychopath upon admittance to the asylum, White has graduated into a full-blown case of antisocial personality disorder, partly due to maltreatment at the hands of his fellow inmates. After severe facial disfigurements by Mr. Freeze left him without lips, nose, ears, or hair, White filed down his teeth in an attempt to further differentiate himself from others. His sense of self is now completely dependent upon his identity as a dangerous criminal.

Additional Notes

Some of the guards are convinced that he is running criminal rackets out of the asylum. This has no bearing on his treatment and could provide valuable data regarding his condition.


  • Brilliant financial skills, which he uses for variety of criminal purposes
  • Scarred visage that makes him resemble a shark
  • Teeth sharpened to points

Behind the Scenes



  • Although Great White Shark does not make an appearance in Batman: Arkham City, a building with "W. White" on it may be White's hideout.
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, after the first encounter with Scarecrow, a jar can be seen in the Morgue in the Medical Facility, containing two fingers, an ear, and lips. On the jar is a sticky-note with "The Great White Shark" written on it. Scanning it will answer the riddle "What silent killer of the ocean can be found in a tiny jar?" and scanning it will solve a riddle and unlock White's bio.
  • The same sign in Arkham City is seen in Arkham Knight demo.
  • On the Arkham Night shift board, in the medical facility, it is shown he has been interviewed or at least treated by Dr. Sarah Cassidy.
  • His bio in Arkham Asylum has one error in it, while it says that an encounter with Mr Freeze was the reason he was left disfigured this isn't actually how it happened. In the six issue series Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, in which both Warren White and Aaron Cash made their debuts, it was an encounter with Batman villain Jane Doe that left him disfigured as she locked him in a cell made specifically for Freeze and was always ice cold, as he spent too long in the cell this eventually made three of his fingers, his nose, ears and upper lip catch frost bite and fall off him, while his hair eventually starts falling out. However this may be due to the difference in continuity and Mr. Freeze is actually responsible for White's condition in the Arkhamverse.

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