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Dr. Gretchen Whistler was one of the medical staff present at Arkham Asylum during the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Despite only being seen briefly during the game (during Victor Zsasz's kidnapping of Mike at the beginning of the game), her voice was heard several times when Batman listened to the Patient Interview Tapes.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Asylum Incident[]

When Quincy Sharp reopened Arkham Asylum, Gretchen started working there as doctor, and was committed to restoring her patient's sanity. One of her most notable patients was Killer Croc, whom she treated from the moment he arrived at the Asylum. Other patients of hers included the Riddler and Victor Zsasz.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Dr. Whistler was on duty when the Joker took over Arkham Island. She was locked in the Patient Pacification Chamber where Zsasz kept a guard hostage. After Zsasz was taken down, Batman left Gretchen in the room with the guards. It's unknown if Gretchen survived, but it's likely, considering she was locked in a room with many armed security guards.



  • Gretchen's fate following the Arkham Asylum Incident is unknown.
  • Her known patients include: Killer Croc, Victor Zsasz (transferred from Dr. Sarah Cassidy), and the Riddler (transferred from Dr. Penelope Young).
  • Gretchen's voice can be heard during Harley Quinn's first Interview Tape, although she was simply introducing Harley as an intern at the Asylum, before her indoctrination with the Joker.
  • In the ArkhamCare website, Gretchen's surname was "Westler".
  • The password to Westler's ArkhamCare file was "Horowitz"; her mother's maiden name.
  • Gretchen stole Penelope Young's soy milk from the office fridge.
  • Gretchen had a female dog named Nixon, who had separation anxiety, and a husband, Jason Whistler. The pair were going to Maui for Thanksgiving, and, as such, were looking for a kennel for Nixon, and opted to ask Dr. Kellerman where he kept his Labrador, Murphy. He usually dropped him off at Cas di Rex in the Palisades, which cost $40 a night.
  • Of all the Medical Staff at Arkham Asylum, Gretchen appeared to be the most understanding, patient, and fearless of them, seeing as how she showed no fear of Croc despite his many references to killing and mutilating people and also his threats to kill her after his attack on Aaron Cash (as revealed in Croc's Patient Interview Tapes).
  • Gretchen Whistler was German as she spoke with a thick German accent.
  • Gretchen's voice actress Adrienne Barbeau previously voiced Catwoman in Batman: The Animated Series.