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The Ground Takedown (also known as the Floor Takedown in Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer mode) is a staple Takedown of the Batman: Arkham Games that is usable only on grounded enemies. Like all other Takedowns, it permanently incapacitates enemies (until they re-spawn with the help of medics or bosses in Batman: Arkham Knight that is). It can be executed by pressing the counter button (right mouse on PC, Y on XBox, triangle on PlayStation) while holding the crouch button (Ctrl on PC, RT on XBox, R2 on PlayStation). It can be used in combat and predator situations; in Combat, however, failing to performing it in time and letting the enemy get back up will break the combo.


When executing a Ground Takedown, the character deals a heavy blow onto a single grounded enemy and permanently incapacitates him. In Predator Mode, the Ground Takedown is a Silent Takedown in Batman: Arkham Asylum, and a Loud Takedown in later games.

With non-Freeflow Ground Takedowns prior to Arkham Knight, Batman and Nightwing will slam the enemy's head on the ground with one hand (except for Batman/Ninja Bruce Wayne who also has the animation of the Freeflow Ground Takedown described below, and Nightwing also uses his Escrima Sticks to hit thugs in the head as an alternative), Catwoman will also sit on them while doing so with both hands, Robin and Deathstroke will press their foot on the enemy's throat and hit him in the face with their staff. In Arkham Knight, there are more animation variations for this move (for example, Batman will headbutt a grounded enemy.)

With Freeflow Ground Takedowns, known as Ground Pounds in combat situations, prior to Arkham Knight, a character will jump and kneel on a grounded enemy (if timed properly, even on an enemy who's about to stand up), then hit him in the torso, namely punch him (Batman), hit him with a staff (Robin and Deathstroke) or with a charged Escrima Stick (Nightwing), or claw him with both hands (Catwoman). In Arkham Origins, Batman/Ninja Bruce Wayne will jump and stomp on them and punch in the ribs. In Arkham Knight, most male characters will jump and stomp on the enemy's torso then punch it, Catwoman will stomp on it twice, Batgirl will stomp on it then heel the enemy in the face, Harley Quinn will stomp on it once like Catwoman but then follow that up with a bat swing or thrust, and Red Hood will roll closer to the enemy then shoot him dead with his pistols; if a male character is using a baton or a baseball bat, he will simply hit the grounded enemy with it.

In the first three games, a humorous animation bug would sometimes occur in which Batman and any other character would mount a downed enemy's head and land a punch directly on either their groin or rear end. In Knight, characters now often briefly jump to reposition their attack to the target's solar plexus.


The Ground Pound can only be done on normal henchman (including normal henchmen, Armored Henchmen, Martial Artists, Medics). It cannot be done on Ninjas/Combat Experts (they will stand up immediately if grounded) and other types of big enemies. Additionally, like the Special Combo Multi-Ground Takedown, it also cannot be done on bosses like The Joker or Black Mask in Arkham City or Anarky in Arkham Origins (they dodge, counter, or are overall unaffected by all Takedowns).

The Ground Pound is a high-reward combat attack: it adds 1 combo multiplier and gives 75 points for each multiplier (100 points in Arkham Asylum, however), second only to the Titan Takedown, the Blade Dodge Takedown and Environment Takedowns (100 points) (discounting the Dual Team Takedown that can only be done in certain maps with two playable characters, which yields 250 points). However, it is also a high-risk attack because it is slow and leaves players vulnerable to attacks. That's why it's recommended to perform a Ground Pound from a long enough distance, or to save the Ground Pound for last after reducing the number of standing enemies to three or two. In maps where there are unlimited enemies, however, it is wise to try to perform a Ground Pound early on when there aren't many enemies to get one more variation, by knocking down enemies with strikes as quick as you can (preferably when you have entered Freeflow Focus which gives you more reaction time and quicker actions) and Ground Pounding one of them before the others can get up. You can use the Super Stun, or use a normal stun on enemies immobilized by a Freeze Blast or Glue Grenade to knock them to the ground then follow it with a Ground Pound. Freeflow Power Explosive Gel (prior to Arkham Knight) can knock over a large number of enemies without incapacitating them, so it's also very good to create Ground Pound opportunities. Other gadgets or attack that can knock down multiple enemies at once include Robin's Snap-Flash and Catwoman's Special Combo Whip Trip. The execution range of the Ground Pound is more limited than other Takedowns, so it's preferable to get to close enough to the grounded target before performing it. Also, you should keep in mind that the Ground Pound prioritizes targeting grounded armored henchmen in case you want to save them for later. In Arkham Knight, if a male character is using a baton or baseball bat, he can finish a grounded enemy much more quickly.

The Ground Pound counts as one Combat variation.