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A TYGER Security Camera Relay Hub.

Access Panels are a game mechanic and obstacle found within the Batman Arkham series.

Batman Arkham Origins[]

The panels in this game are almost the same as the Batman: Arkham City panels. Certain ones can trigger video feed, and others have to be hacked three times.

Security Scale[]

Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 11.01

The security scale in Arkham Origins.

The same security scale reappears from Batman: Arkham City.


Gotham Municipal Security Console[]

In-game description: Municipal Security Console

A security console developed by Waynetech, these security panels are used throughout Gotham to protect municipal buildings.

Penguin's security console[]

In-game description: same as above.

These act normal but, cannot be hacked until obtaining the Penguin radio sim card on the final offer.

Three hack console[]

Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 11.21

The hack stage scale in Arkham Origins.

These are special security panels that need to be, hacked three consecutive times to bypass them. Each time requires a different password. For this, a new scale appears on the hacking screen.

Hack stage scale[]

This new scale shows three bars, Each one is a different stage. One bar is one stage completed, and so on.

Cold Cold Heart[]

Frozen panel[]

In-game description: Frozen security panel

"Encased in cryogenic ice. Ice can be shattered using a heated projectile."

These are the same as normal security panels but are encased in ice that prevents them from being hacked, so to access them, break the ice with a thermal Batarang.

Batman: Arkham Asylum[]

The hack-able access panels in Arkham Asylum are very simple and don't require passwords, just a wavelength to unlock.


Single-use console[]

This kind of access panel is found all over Arkham asylum and they break immediately after receiving the frequency(being hacked). and then cannot be reused.

Multi-use console[]

This console is rare and is only found at certain points like the penitentiary gas-filled room, it must be hacked three times before being deactivated but still cannot be reused. note this is the same console that protects Mr. Freeze's titan cure safe in batman Arkham city. see the gallery below.

Batman: Arkham City[]

Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 12.18

a hacking screen, notice the target access.

The ones in Batman Arkham City are very different from those in Arkham Asylum in. Now they have passwords instead of wavelengths. Another thing to note is all panels show what you are hacking and their target access. examples are. Hacking MCP TYGER mainframe. Target door access and target security console.

Security Scale[]

Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 2.10

the security scale, notice it's a TYGER panel so it's in the red.

The security scale shows up around the lock on for hack device. the scale indicates the strength of the security and has nine measurements. green is low, yellow is medium, orange is slightly higher than medium, and red is high. there is also a second security scale that appears when on the hacking screen. this one also appears in Arkham Origins.


All three can't be hacked until they get their associated codes in the story. when a hack is completed on all variants(except reusables) the lock icon will become a green unlock icon that flashes on the screen several times before permanently disappearing. note all of these can be hacked early if you're on a new game plus and have obtained the codes for them on your previous game. Also, note that none of these can be hacked while a [communication disruptor] or backpack jammers are active.

Gotham municipal security console[]

Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 2.51

a Gotham municipal security console, note the lock is yellow and the Waynetech logo.

In-game description: municipal security console

A security console developed by Waynetech, these security panels are used throughout Gotham to protect municipal buildings.

Cannot be hacked until batman downloads the Gotham municipal codes.

These are relatively easy to hack and their security level is usually green or yellow and the hacking screen will always be clear. these display a yellow lock on them to show there only moderately strong.

TYGER security console[]

Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 2.29

a TYGER access panel, notice the red lock, and the logo.

In-game description: heavily encrypted TYGER access panel, only accessible with the master control program.

Cannot be hacked until obtaining the master control program during Protocol 10.

These are difficult to hack while their security level is always red and so is their hacking screen. along with that, the lock is always red too, this shows that the security is very strong.

Riddler security console[]

In-game description: Riddler security console

A modified Waynetech security console, re-purposed and reprogrammed by the Riddler to control machinery and puzzles.

Reusable Gotham municipal security console[]

Reusable TYGER security console[]

Batman Arkham Knight[]