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The Hall of Justice is the publicly known headquarters of the Justice League located in Metropolis. However, the Hall was actually a tourist front with the League's real headquarters orbiting in outer space, the satellite known as the Watchtower.

Incident Reports[]

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

The Hall was originally a disused train station when the Justice League was formed by Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Flash and Wonder Woman worked together to renovate the Hall, while sealing off the subway entrance in the basement.

Batman later joined, adding a quartermaster area with supplies provided by Lucius Fox and building the Launcher for his Bat Pods. With the technology, they upgraded the Inner Sanctum as well. Batman also created the Watchtower satellite base to help mentor Earth. They also kept a display case of confiscated items from their adventures.

The League was preparing to use the main Hall as exhibits to celebrate Justice Day, with each Leaguer recording two personal holograms. Wonder Woman and Flash did most of the recording otherwise. Unfortunately, this is also the day Brainiac arrived. While the rest of the League was captured, Wonder Woman and Flash escaped to the Inner Sanctum for the following weeks.

Kill the Justice League[]

The Suicide Squad was sent in by Amanda Waller via the disused subway tunnel and some C4. They stole traversal equipment before breaking out into the plaza.


Ground Floor[]

Immediately on the left of the entrance is the Bat Pod Launcher, along with the appropriate computers to help launch it. On the opposite side the door to the Library. Penguin redecorates the Launcher area to have a platform and throne for himself, decorating with tapestry and bird cages. The Penguin Goons work on the blueprints for the weaponry. Cash and Flag are over in the former Library area, with vitals for the ARGUS agents displayed on the wall; with the equipment lockers of the Squad next to it.

Deadset in the middle is a floating platform elevator to the Basement.

At the back of the hall is Storage and the Kitchen. With regards to the kitchen, the sign out front claims the kitchen was to come up with strategies and other tactics, but once Penguin converts it into a training range, a broken refrigerator is seen; implying it was a lie. The Storage area is later converted into Medical. The ARGUS personel are treated here. According to Harley, they have really good drugs.

ARGUS adds balconies with pull ladder and monitors after they officially take over the Hall.

Second Floor[]

On the stairway between the Launcher and Kitchen, a display case with mementos are kept. The displa case is removed and replaced with builsng supplies. Right off to the side is a laboratory where Batman develops technology. ARGUS is working on something here during the main game.

On the stairway between the Library and Storage, it leads to the Clean Lab II and the Quartermaster Area; between these areas are public restrooms from the train station days. Ivy and Toyman are given these areas later. restrooms are located between them. Ivy is sealed off at first, but her plant Daphne breaks the seal over medical; with vegetation reaching over the restroom doors. Several tubes keep plant helpers to test afflictions, along with unlucky ARGUS soldier Rayland Jurgensen to be tested on. Toyman decorates the Quartermaster area like a big toy box, having giant trading cards, robots, graffiti and holographic displays.


Originally sealed off from the train station behind the adjacent wall. It was a small area that houses the computing equipment for the computer in the Inner Sanctum. Once the Squad break though from the train station, Gizmo convets the area into his garage. Even turning the crashed train the Squad arrived into a canvas; also taking out the support pillar for more room. This area is where buses are stored, albiet in the underground cavern behind the shutter doors.

Inner Sanctum[]

With a skylight leading to the room entrance of the Hall, this is the second smallest part of the hall. A golden eagle is mounted on the wall above a display case showing mannequins of the League.

In the centre of the Sanctum is a computer built by Batman, with chairs for each member of the League; each member has their logo at assigned stations. Hack is plugged in here and when not working consciously, she's often projecting a simulated home on the opposite side of the room.


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  • Waller stated that the Hall is off the grid so Brainiac can't hack in.
  • The Inner Sanctum has plaques dedicated to both Kevin Conroy and Arleen Sorkin right on the entrance wall.
  • When a member of the League dies, their respective display case goes dim.
  • The basement keeps Superman and Batman's introductory holograms after ARGUS removes all the others.
  • Items belonging to characters seen previously in the Arkham series, and some belonging to characters yet to make a physical appearance in the series, are shown in display cases in the Hall of Justice, with three of the items being used by Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang as part of their traversal gameplay. The items shown in the cases are:
    • The MK I grapnel gun with a drone (Batman/Harley Quinn)
    • Escrima sticks (Nightwing)
    • A Speed Force Gauntlet (Dr. Thaddeus Sivana/Captain Boomerang)
    • A Jetpack (Gizmo/Deadshot)
    • A Handkerchief (Polka-Dot Man)
    • A potted plant (Poison Ivy)
    • A serum vial (Man-Bat)
    • A Fear Toxin injector Gauntlet (Scarecrow)
    • A Toxin vial (Dr. Poison)
    • A bowler Hat (Riddler)
    • An arrow (Merlyn)
    • Ketchup and Mustard bottles (Condiment King)
    • An autographed Rock (Bizarro)
    • A Condense Sphere (Toyman)
  • Once you gain the extra members of the Suicide Squad, a cell is added next to Cash by the doorway. You swap out members by talking to Flag.
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