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Hamilton Hill was the Mayor of Gotham City during the events of Batman: Arkham Origins.


Hamilton Hill was the Mayor of Gotham City during the events of Batman: Arkham Origins. Through the Gotham Intel collected, it was revealed that his election was rigged. It could be assumed that he was corrupt and on the payroll of one of Gotham's major crime lords, Rupert Thorne.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

Hill did not physically appear in the game, though an office building with his name on it appeared in South Gotham. He was referenced in two pieces of Gotham Intel. The first, on the side of Hill's building, described his corrupt ways. The second, located on the Gotham Daily News building, revealed that Hill's election was rigged, and that the papers defended him. Another newspaper headline clipping focused on him stating how capturing the Red Hood was GCPD's current priority.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident[]

Hill was trying to recover from the events on Christmas Eve, with his administration being investigated after the exposed corruption. He still had not decided who would succeed Gillian B. Loeb as police commissioner, but many suspected that he would name Peter Grogan. However, on New Year's Eve, evidence that linked Grogan to the Maroni Family was leaked to the press (most likely from Enigma). After Batman captured Mr. Freeze and the Penguin, Hill announced his resignation from the Mayor's office. The news reported that Hill's resignation meant that Grogan would likely not be appointed Commissioner.

Batgirl Begins Incident[]

After Gordon had taken on the role of Commissioner, a man named Dickerson was known to have become the new mayor.

Gotham Intel[]

"Our dutiful mayor, Hamilton Hill, made his money in insurance, that is, by making promises to pay people when they are in need, and then making excuses not to pay them at all. And yet he is not branded a thief, a fraudster- no, he's 'elected' mayor. Now, he's free to raid our city coffers to pay for whatever projects his masters deem worthy- masters like Rupert Thorne. And he thinks people are not watching. We know what he did with those two girls at the Gotham Royal. And we will bring it into the light for all to see."

Psychological Profile[]

Mayor Hill[]

Real Name: Hamilton Hill

Batman's Database Profile[]



  • Hamilton Hill appeared as the Mayor of Gotham City in several episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. There, however, was no implication of corruption during his term.
  • It would appear that Hill was involved in some sort of sex scandal, as hinted by Anarky in his Gotham Intel.