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Sergeant Hanrahan was a GCPD officer who guarded the prisoner detention block during Scarecrow's attack on Gotham City during Batman: Arkham Knight.


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  • "I thought Gotham would be a good place to raise a family. Looks like I was wrong."
  • "I still haven't heard from my husband. He took our daughter in the evacuation. I keep praying they're safe."
  • "This battle's hard enough without our own team switching sides. These guys think they can run with the devil and not get burned. They're crazy."
  • "I've heard from my family, they made it to the mainland okay. I couldn't speak to them for long, the signal keeps cutting out."
  • "I spoke to my daughter. Told her that I was okay and that I'd see her soon. I hope those words turn out to be true."
  • "The Commissioner must be going through hell. What would you do if something like that happen?"
  • "The thought of losing my little girl...if anyone hurt my kid, I'd kill him. No question."
  • "When you carried her in, I was so relieved. And then it hit me. The commissioner wasn't with you. Scarecrow's got him, hasn't he?"
  • "Just when you think it's getting better, something else gives. But if Crane thinks we're giving up, he's wrong."
  • "So Barbara works for you? That's… really cool. I guess that makes her a bit of a badass, huh?."
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