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Harley's Thugs were Joker's former henchmen who appeared in Harley Quinn's Revenge and in Batman: Arkham Knight. The thugs were sent to complete specific missions that were commanded by their leader, Harley Quinn, who became crazier, meaner, and more independent since The Joker's death and sought revenge on Batman, whom she blamed for it. Their main mission in Harley Quinn's Revenge was to kill Batman. In Arkham Knight, they sought to free the new Jokers at Panessa Studios.

Incident Reports[]

Harley Quinn's Revenge Incident[]


Harley's Thug getting kicked by Robin

Harley Quinn was mourning over the death of her beloved Joker. Harley blamed Batman, and her main priority was to kill him like he killed Joker. To achieve her goal, Harley hired a group of deadly henchmen that were called "Harley's Thugs". These thugs seemed to be a little frightened about Harley's lethal intentions and actions, but remained loyal as well as obeyed her commands to kill Batman or whoever else stood in her way such as Robin.

After Harley Quinn's Revenge[]

The thugs were given new uniforms, this time based of playing cards as opposed to clowns. Harley mourned the Joker for months, making a long-time minion doubt she was right for leadership as she kissed a television of with Joker's face on it in her office. Deciding to bomb it, he was surprised that the TV told him it was a bad idea. He then realized to his horror that Harley had been on to him the entire time and promptly died from a whack to the back of his head from her baseball bat.


Harley and her thugs confronting Robin at Panessa Studios

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Nine months after the events of Batman: Arkham City, Harley's Thugs, Penguin's Henchmen and Two-Face's Gang all teamed up, but they didn´t seem to cooperate with the other's crew. Their mission was to help Harley free the new Jokers at the Movie Studios.


Harley walking

Harley Quinn and her thugs

Harley's Gang were a bit more vicious looking than any of the other thugs in the game. Some wore similar clothing to that of Penguin's Thugs, and others wore singlets, full body clothes, and armored pieces that resembled football gear. These thugs roamed the Industrial District as the rest of Arkham City was off limits in Harley Quinn's Revenge. Harley's Thugs also used the same stealth, combat, and weapon tactics as the other thugs in Arkham City.



  • In an Gotham City Story, its mentioned Harley based the new uniforms off of playing card symbols (diamonds and spades); this was to honor the Joker, who often left a joker playing card as his calling card.
  • Harleyc

    Two of Joker's Henchmen and Harley at the Church and Medical Center in Arkham City

    Harley's Titan Henchman was actually Penguin's former Titan Henchman. His clothes were the same as before, but they were recolored and he had a ponytail.
  • In addition to Harley's Titan Henchman, many of her men will have a similar clothing style as the Penguin's Henchman. These particular members could possibly have been former members of Penguin's gang who later joined Joker's gang.
  • Some thugs actually stayed by Harley's side during her mourning in hope of making a move on her.
  • Several thugs called her The Clown Princess of Crime.
  • In Arkham Knight, the Minigunners had tattoes on their arms with the "Harley Quinn´s Revenge" logo, the same symbol from the Batman: Arkham City DLC.
  • In Arkham Knight, Harley was the only villain (along with the Arkham Knight) to have Minigunners to protect her (Penguin had Minigunners in GCPD Lockdown only).
  • They feel more respect for Harley than Joker, because she doesn't kill them on a whim like Joker. Though she will still abuse them if they annoy her or get out of line.