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Harley weapons

Harley's main weapons

Harley Quinn has used multiple weapons across the Arkhamverse.

Baseball Bat[]

Assault on Arkham[]

Harley used a gray metal bat to fight the Arkham Asylum security guards, later replacing it with Joker's mallet.

Harley's bat

Harley's Bat in Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

Arkham City[]

Harley used a wooden baseball bat with white and red stripes painted to knock out Batman in the Steel Mill after Joker pretended to be dead.

Arkham Knight[]

During her entrance at Bludhaven Police Station and in AR challenges Harley used a black metallic bat painted with red stripes. However Harley later used the same wooden bat used in Arkham City to knock out Henry Adams when she took over Panessa Studios. It later appears in the Gotham City Police Department evidence room.

Assault Rifle[]

Harley and scarecrow asylum

Harley using a assault rifle in scarecrow nightmare

Arkham Asylum[]

Harley used an assault rifle to control Commissioner Gordon at the Medical Facility and to kill some guards at the Intensive Treatment Center. Although not used again after Batman defeated her, she appeared holding one during Scarecrow's 3rd Nightmare.

Machine Gun/ Grenade Launcher[]

Haley's machine gun

Harley's Machine Gun

Arkham Knight[]

Harley's main weapon in Arkham Knight's story mode. Although she never actually fires it during the game, it can be heard as a Game Over consequence if the player takes too long rescuing Robin. After the screen goes to black, a single shot can be heard accompanied by Harley's laughing and the sound of a body falling to the floor, inferring that she used it to kill him.

The gun appears to be based on a M249 SAW machine gun and was haphazardly duct-taped with a M203 grenade launcher. It was decorated with pink dice, a picture of Joker, and female signs.

Modified Flare Gun[]

Arkham City (Harley Quinn's Revenge)[]

Harley's flair gun

Harley's flare gun

Harley's main weapon in Harley Quinn's Revenge. She used this gun to shoot Batman and knock him unconcious. Harley used it in her boss fight to shoot Robin when he was looking for the key to save Batman, and used it again when Batman was fighting against the Mechanical guardians of Wonder City. Her gun was decorated with diamonds symbols and it's called the "Bat Killer".

Arkham Knight[]

It had a small reappearance in Arkham Knight, where it was part of Harley's second GCPD display after she was defeated in Panessa Studios.

Warden's Cane[]


Harley with Warden's cane

Arkham Asylum[]

She used Warden Sharp's cane at different points in the game, breaking it against him when Batman was stunned with the explosion that killed Dr. Young.


Arkham City (Harley Quinn's Revenge)[]

Harley used a small automatic dagger to trill to kill Batman at the end of Harley Quinn's revenge. She tried to stab Batman with it when he was distracted before being knocked out by Robin with one of his shurikens.

Jack in the Box[]

Arkham Knight (Harley Quinn's Story Pack)[]

Harley jack in the box

Harley killing guards with the Jack in the box

Harley uses the Jack in the box to attract enemies to later kill them with the jack in the box explosion, she can use it to stun guards when used in the quick-fire mode. The box is red and covered with diamonds with a dummy inside it, can only be seen when the jack in box will explodes.

Arkham Knight[]

Harley left in the Panessa Studios 15 Jack in the Boxes for Batman to destroy.

Arkham Knight (A matter of family DLC)[]

The fuction of the Jack in the box in this DLC is different, it didn't explode instead only carrying a message from Harley laughing e.g. "Is just me or do you just keep falling for our tricks?!". In this DLC the Jack in the boxes are bigger.

Snare trap[]

Arkham Knight (Harley Quinn's Story Pack)[]

Harley uses the snare trap to bind or stop charging enemies and when you throw it took the form of confetti. When playing as her it has the gameplay equivalence of the Freeze grenades.

Laughing Gas[]

Harley's laughing grenade

Harley using her laughing grenade

Arkham City (Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC)[]

Harley used Smilex or Laughing Gas in her bombs until Batman defused them.

Arkham Knight (Harley Quinn's Story Pack)[]

Harley used Laughing Gas grenades to escape from armed guards and stun them. This grenade is equivalent and has the same function to Batman's smoke bomb.