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Harley Quinn Story Pack is a DLC story expansion from Batman: Arkham Knight. It was initially released as a pre-order bonus but became available with the Season Pass and for separate purchase on August 4th, 2015. The events of the story take place prior to Arkham Knight's main story.

Harley Quinn breaks into the Blüdhaven Police Department to recruit Poison Ivy for Scarecrow's Alliance.

Incident Report[]

Harley Quinn breaks into the overgrown Blüdhaven Police Department to recruit Poison Ivy to be part of Scarecrow's plan to destroy the Batman. She searches around the building with the Penguin's help to find out the location of Ivy's cell. After taking out numerous officers, she finds a computer with security camera footage and finds that Ivy is in the basement.

Harley Quinn makes her way down to the basement using an elevator, only to be stopped suddenly by the remaining officers. She exits through the top of the elevator and finds that the basement is protected by more officers. By aggravating Ivy's plants to swallow the cops, she is able to secure the basement and continue forward. She finally finds Ivy, but is halted by Nightwing. After dodging his attacks, she defeats him and he is taken away by Ivy's plants. The pair then leave for Gotham City to meet Scarecrow.



Icon Name Description Points Trophy
CuckooForIncarceration Cuckoo for Incarceration Rescue your friend. 50 Gp-g Trophy silver



  • The DLC unlocks Harley Quinn for all Challenge Maps.
  • This is the first time in the Arkhamverse where the player takes control of Harley Quinn.
  • While Psychosis Mode is active, Harley Quinn converses with her old self Dr. Harleen Quinzel; Harleen attempts to get Harley to see that she was nothing more than a puppet for the Joker to abuse, but Harley refuses to accept the truth.
  • Harley Quinn is the only playable character who can not do silent takedowns, rather she can only do a "Loud Takedown" because she claims that "Quiet is not in her vocabulary".I