Harvey Bullock
Harvey-bullock (1)
Biographical information
Full Name Harvey Bullock
Occupation Detective at GCPD
Base of Operations GCPD Gotham City
Affiliations Gillian B. Loeb

James Gordon

Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 295 lbs (134 kg)
Game Information
Voice Actor Robert Costanzo
First Appearance Detective Comics #441 (July 1974)
Harvey Bullock was a detective in the GCPD who worked underneath James Gordon, and, although he was technically corrupt while Gillian B. Loeb was in power, was one of the few comparatively honest cops on the police force.

He is briefly referred to in the final game, implying that he went straight right after Gordon became the commissioner.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Like most of the GCPD, Bullock was corrupt and frequently on the take by various criminal organizations. However, Bullock also refrained from harming civilians, which showed that he had the potential to become a good cop. At some point, then-Commissioner Loeb had ordered for Bullock to get himself in Gordon's good graces (something that Bullock had doubts about, since Gordon didn't trust him, or as he put it "[Gordon] trusts me as far as he can throw me.") and then use that trust to dig up any dirt on Gordon, that also implied that Bullock should arrange a honeypot trap for Gordon.

Arkham Origins Incident

Harvey Bullock was seen alongside Captain Gordon during the incident. He, along the remainder of GCPD, didn't trust Batman. After the Joker was captured by Batman following the Gotham City Royal Hotel Incident, Bullock believed that Batman and Joker were working together, and asked Joker why anyone would throw themselves off a roof just to save him, with Joker also admitting that even he doesn't know.

Later, after Batman brought down Firefly and dismantled 3 of his 4 bombs, Gordon showed shock that Batman had actually brought Firefly down and saved the bridge. Bullock then told Gordon to not give Batman too much credit, and it implied that he still didn't trust him, despite all he that did previously.

After Batman defeated Joker at Blackgate Prison, Bullock contacted Gordon at the Prison Chapel, where Gordon informed him that the Joker was captured. Surprised, Bullock asked Gordon how he caught the Joker, and Gordon told him that he "had some help".


  • Robert Costanzo also voiced Harvey Bullock in Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Harvey Bullock bore the likeness of Joe Barbaro, a character in 2k's game Mafia 2, and the man who voiced Harvey was Robert Costanzo.
  • Despite standing at 73 inches tall, in some cutscenes, Bullock looked the same or shorter in height than Gordon, who is one inch shorter.
  • Harvey Bullock's name was seen on a shift list during the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, which indicated that he still worked regularly as a GCPD officer.
  • Bullock being a corrupt cop, but with a conscience is also part of the show Gotham, where he works with Gordon during his early days and is trying to make him conform to the GCPD's methods.
  • Unlike other incarnations of himself, Bullock's obsession with donuts is completely absent.
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