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Hell's Gate Disposal

Hell's Gate Waste Disposal and Legal Services, known as Hell's Gate Disposal Services for short, is the waste disposal service for Gotham City and a shell company for LexCorp, although it is secretly a front company for Two-Face. According to Two-Face, the name referenced the fact that the garbage and the legal system are one and the same in Gotham.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Knight[]

During the following nine months after Protocol 10 nearly killed everyone in Arkham City, Hells Gate began winning numerous legal cases for the former prisoners. This resulted in major payouts to the victims, not only for the attempted mass murder, but also for the abuse TYGER put them through and the fact Hugo Strange had also illegally detained a good deal of reformed crooks and Political Prisoners. With Vicki Vale uncovering documents signed by Quincy Sharp that supported Strange's plan by supplying the weapons to inmates, Hell's Gate had nothing but successful victories in court; nearly destroying Gotham's economy and almost putting the Station 17 firefighters out of work.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

During the Scarecrow's terror threat to Gotham City on Halloween, Hell's Gate Disposal Service deployed some garbage collection trucks for Two-Face in order to use as transports, thus he could rob three banks in the then-largely-abandoned-and-looted Gotham City. The office located on Miagani Island is one of the many riddles solution by the Riddler.

A Flip of a Coin Incident[]

Robin infiltrated the incinerator facility where the Two-Face's Gang were processing the stolen money from Blüdhaven banks. After interrogating the foreman, Robin learned of the private mansion where Two-Face was hiding.



  • The old cryochamber used by Nora Fries can be found in the incinerator facility.